hello been a while yet again

hello all yup its been a while but since ive last posted i dont realy know where the time has gone and when i last posted i mentioned about goign back to blogger and iam so doing so you can now catch all thurther updates back on http://farmerdave.blogspot.com/  one of the main reasons iam going back to blogger is that of comments they have been a bit of a pain to post onther peoples blogs so theer you go and you can read a bit more in depth of my thoguhts and what ive been upto over the last couple of months see you all there

its been a while

hello everyone yup i know ive not posted anything for a while to be honest ive not had much to say, i have been visiting everyones sites and i have made some comments but some reason they have vanished soon after so if i seem ive notbeen around i have but  comments ive made you your blogs havnt been coming up, so iam thinking of going back to blogger as ive had one or 2 issues with wordpress with making comments on other peoples bloggs

this has mainly been if i have been trying to post a comment on blogger blog but wordpress blogs seem okay it still a pain tho has i have to be signed to to make comments and thats one of the main reasons iam thinking of goign back to blogger,

so whats been happening the garden is all but ready to have some grass seed put down and the brick wall and patio is all done iam quite chuffed with the progress realy it looks so much different now then it did 2 months ago, theres been 5 bonfires and a big skip filled and a few trips to the tip,

the veg plot is coming on great ive tasted my first crop of carrots and they taste so nice iam looking forward to trying my spuds and beans,

my gym and cycling is goign okay now ive got my motivation back ive now lost 2 stone over the last year and a half since ive been serious of getting back in shape and its been quite good, ive dropped 2 trouser sizes and gone from a size 18 collor down to a 16 and a half so ive had to have a sort out with some shirts and trousers and give some of them away to the charity shop,

iam looking forward to getting this week over and done with as ive got a week off next week and dinners ive sent you a email about meeting for a beer next week with dates iam free so get in touch  and hopefully meet you at the 5 bells

anyroad this is just a quick post for now just to let you all know iam still around and have been readinig your bloggs but been having probs making comments, i may be back with my orignal blog

see yeah soon and stay safe out there as its still a mad mad world

all good

been a couple of busy weeks again but its been nice to have a bank holiday weekend off and for 1st time in 18 months to be paid for having a bank holiday off as well

ive got loads done this weekend washed and polished me car caught up on some house work ive been not doing and done nearly 3 weeks worth of washing , iam all better now after getting this flu what a arse that was it wiped me out for 3 weeks but iam back to my old self now and full of energy again,

also this weekend ive pottered around in the garden i planted some parsnips  and another row of runner beans all the veg is now planted and growing at an alarming rate it looks quite good realy ive just got some strawberry plants to put in and that should be it for the veg as iam not doing to much but saying that i can exchange some of my veg for other veg at my local pub

i think today iam going to lounge around the house as its raining outside and you cant do much when its raining also i might pop into town and see if i can get a couple of books as ive read all mine ive not read as many books this year so far  but ive got chance to catch up

as last year i read around 18 books which iam quite inpressed with 18 books in a year might not be that many for some people but to me its quite good as i only seem to get to read at work for 10 m ins here and there

anyway think its time for breakfast as iam getting a bit hungry have fun and stay safe

not much

the last week or 2 nothing has been happing 1 ive had this flu its now gone thank fuck lasted 3 weeks 1st i had the shakes and light head that lasted 4 days then for 2 weeks ive had a snotty nose and a bad cough, but its all gone now and feeling like my old self

still cant believe how quickly the weeks are going iam on my second week of being perm at my job and it seems to be going quite well i did my 1st bit of overtime on saturday,

all i can say is sunday eve i slepted for 13 hours stright and i think i needed it as i only had about 6 hours sleep since friday morning, so i think i deserved the 13 hour sleep

anyway got nothing else to say at the mo so will do another post in the week

getting back to it

since my last post ive been getting back into my fittness again ive cycled 3 times to work this week so far and my eating is back on course, and i have already lost 2lb of the 5lb ive put on so iam quite happy now its keeping the good work  up and as it is so nice out today iam going to have a bit of a cycle somewhere before work

fitness and weight

In a way I’ve let myself down but on the other hand I am still happyish as over the last 18 months I’ve lost about a stone and a half, which I am quite happy with the results but sometimes its been 2 steps forward and 5 back, I’ve worked very hard till the end of feb to get my fitness up to a good standard,


but these last 2 months I’ve let the fitness side slip I’ve not really bothered to do any fitness or cycled much at all I can come up with excuses to why ive not bothered but to be totally honest its mainly been laziness on my part,


but one thing I’ve kept up on is my eating pattern I’ve not put any weight on as such till this last week, I’ve been really good with the whole eating thing, and if I’d kept my fitness up I could of lost another half a stone but I’ve not, and kept the same weight for the last month and half


this last week I’ve had off from work, I’ve not been very well so I’ve hardly done sod all apart from have a few days away which I’ve drank for England and eat for England and I’ve put some weight on not much just a couple of pounds but this last week I’ve eat all the wrong foods when I came back from my few days away on Tuesday I woke up on Wednesday and lazed on the sofa and pigged out big time,


anyway now I am determined again to get back into the fitness side of things if I can keep the fitness side up I should lose a bit more weight as my eating I’ve found easy to control which in all honesty I’d thought I find the hardest to and the fitness side easier as when I was younger I was always doing stuff to keep myself fit,


over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking of stopping the whole drinking beer thing, I have done it once before and lasted 8 months but I enjoy going out for a pint and seeing my friends at the local so I think I might just go out once a week, and see how that goes


anyway I can stop the drinking totally as I have dinners coming upto Nottingham sometime soon and I would be a bit of a waste if I didn’t have a beer with him


have a goodun and stay safe as there’s still madduns out there


These last couple of weekends have see me with the help of my dad and every now and again me mate transform the garden from a jungle to a something a lot better, its not all complete but think a couple more weeks will be ready for putting the grass seed down, The garden as it is in 2 half’s with a path down the middle,

One side will be all grass lawn, the other side will have a shed a veg plot and a little bit of a lawn, the work is going quite well its been a lot of work to be honest, we have had 5 bonfires and a large skip and by the looks of things will have to have a little skip, The veg plot has already got 2 rows of French dwarf beans in witch are growing quite nicely along with the dwarf beans I will be growing runner beans beetroot carrots lettuce and iam even having a go at growing parsnips,

 This last weekend has seen me learn how to brick lay, with the help from my dad he has show me the basics of laying bricks, by no means am I as quick as me dad but I am slowly but surely getting there, and even had a go at using a stone cutter which makes quick work of cutting bricks and anything else like that,

Come on a months time when ill be lazing on the sun lounger enjoying a vodka and coke and scaring the moggies away as they are a pain in the arse counted 5 of the bluddy things at the moment on the garden at one time or another

easter weekend

this easter weekend i’d thought ill have it off infact i took the hole week of and iam back to work nex monday, me and a mate ended up going away to berwick upon tweed its a coastal town near the scottish boarders

i have been before wih skytower that was in 2004 i think he will put me right if iam wron but the weekend away was what we both needed by the sounds of thngs and to make the weeend even better the weather was great the whole time we were there , the guest house we stopped in was dead in the centre of town and was nice and clean all good there,

the saturday we just had a little walk round to get our bearings and had a bit of a pub crawl and out of the 13 or so pubs in berwick we went in on our 1stafternoon we made the red lion and free trade our tempoary locals both did good beer and made us feel welcome from the start,

the red lion on the sunday night was very loud and gino from dexy’s midnight runners came on and the place erupted i was in the loo at the time but all i felt was  a shake and wondered what the heck but came back to the bar the whole pub was dancng along to gino some on stood on chairs some on tables to be honest if you could call it dancing it just seemed a big whole jump and banging on the bar and table session while gino was being played

but was a good night till some lads started a bit of a punch up and what made me laugh all the lanlord did was turn the music down and shouted take it outside lads and quite well done they did and those who want fighting carryed on drinking,

to end that night we went to berwicks night cluband all the lads from the red lion came into the nighclub but no trouble  seemedto have took place,  sunday day time saw us have a bit of a walk round berwick and took a drive to the boarder and into  little town just past the boarder which we enjoyed the sun had a very nice meal and a pint

monday we went to edinbrough all i can say what a big pace and we didnt get to see half of it, but saying that we did do a bit of walking took a few pics a headed back but iam pleased we took the train into edinbrough from berwick as if i’d drove to edinbrough my stress levels would be sky high as it was maddness the roads as they seemed to be through the middle of some major road works of somekind roads blocked off dirvision signs everywhere total madness

iam deffo going to berwick again maybe next easter who knows there will be pics of my weekend away coming shortly and ill leave you with this song as its now made a memory stick in my mind for a long time of the lads in the red lion in berwick making the pub shake


just got my car back from the garage as its had a mot and service done to it, it did fail its mot on the break pipe but thats been sorted and the car seems a lot better

now ive got to change the front and back breaks and change a break cylinder which ill do on friday morning, all the parts will cost me 40 pounds the garage was going to charge me another 180 quid for doing the job so ive saved a bit of money there doing the job myself

but i can grumble with the price of the mot sercive and fitting a front break pipe at the cost of 210 so iam going to use the garage a bit more often as he seems a quite honest chap and he knows i know a bit about cars so i know i wont be ripped off

come on friday be upto me arms in grease

formular 1

the new formular 1 season is 2 races into its new season and i say iam quite inpressed theres a few new changes including the biggest one the shape of the car, at 1st i wasnt to sure but now ive watched the 1st 2 races of the season iam hooked once again into formular 1 as for a while its gotten a little boring with either Mclaren and ferrari have dominated the headlines and races for such a long time and the other teams have lagged behind

but now with the new changes the teams are a lot closer and i think the number one spot will not be decied till much later in the season like it has been the last few years, this year ive been quite inpressed with the new brawn gp team they have won the 1st 2 races with jenson button at the helm and they didnt have any winter testing as such as the brawn team only been alive for a very short while, but ross brawn is a genius tho and i think the brawn team will be major players if now now maybe next season but looking how things are going with jenson button winning the 1st 2 races he might be a good bet for this years f1 crown who knows

also you have teams like toyota williams and bmw and even redbull who are going to make this season intresting as they seem to have a quite a good car so by mid season i think the formular one driver standings will be all over the shop as the teams progress,

and iam pleased iam not seeing lewis hamilton all over the headlines at the mo as i didnt realy like him i dont know what it is but theres something about him i just dont like, i’d rather have jenson button as a champ and i hope he wins at least 2 championships as he should of won atleast 1 by now but he hasnt always had the car but now who knows,