so nice but so wrong

last night i got a kebab from the local takeaway, but this time i asked for letuce and cheese never had a kebab like that before but by time i got home all the cheese had melted and humm going to have it again sometime soon and her what it looked like

weight update

yep iam deffo losing weight, as now i can take my jeans and trousers off without undoing the buttons and even zip good hey

blobbed it

well england hasnt made it through to the next stages of euro 2008, i knew i mentioned i was hoping they didnt make it but iam a little dissapointed, but i think steve McClaren made a big bloop by putting a rokkie goal keeper in goal in one of our most inportant maches, the press will make intresing reading in the morning,

any way iam back to my wine, which by the way is very nice its a red wine called winemaker’s seal from the gallo family, its a californian wine and very nice indeed, i couldnt fine the wine i was after which was a blossom hill red but this is just as nice

have a goodun and stay save out there

losing weight

somehow ive been losing weight but since friday ive not been realy eating healthly at all, but iam losing weight somehow, iamnot moaning but iam ready for some fresh veg and salad now 2mora ill do sos and mash with some veg i think

in other news gordon brown is in the shit once again this labour goverment has made fuck-up after fuck-up and have wasted some much of our money doing so, iam just wondering if any goverment is goign to be any good at doing the job of govening england,

and the problems with northern rock and with there shares going down the pan, and people losing money i dont think the goverment should ever pay the money to people who have lost out, its jsut another form of gambling, next people who go to casinos and bet online will be asking the goverment for money when they lose,

i dont know i think the whole world has gone mad, i think the media dont help i think they need much more tighter guidelines in what they can report on, and make sure they have the full facts before they do as well,

and onto football, i hope england dont win tonight with how crap they have been playing they all need a good kick up the arse, apart form peter crouch who in my book is a good player and is much under rated in my book, and if england do win and get through i dont think they will get any thurther to be honest, but at least it seems forest have pulled there socks up and playing like a team now they are 3rd in the league and could go top with there next game so come on lads make sure you do it this season and get back into the championship

i best get some work done stay save out ther as there’s madduns about


Over the last view nights to be honest the last week and a half ive been having some right old strange dreams, one in mind at the moment was when i think i was having a quick chat with skytower and little pete about the old grey hound being closed down,

with the convo being over as soon as it started that was that, the strange thing was when i went to bed i had a dream about buying the pub and employing the old owner, but the pub was all different, it wasnt the same layout every room in the pub had been changed in every detail and the whole ownership of the pub came to a terible end,

iam not sure what causes these wired dreams, but if i worte a book about what i dream about think it would be a best seller or i would be put in a nut house

on a brighter note ive had my lazy saturday and had some junk food and still more to come, 2mora iam going to have a boozy sunday afternoon, with going to my local then into town for a many a beer,

right all iam off to eat more junk food and stay safe out ther as theres madduns about


Saturday iam going to have the house to myself and going to have a nite in watch a coupel of dvd’s eat a load of junk food and generaly be a pig,

today is the 1st time since moving back to nottingham ive been into a supermarket, and its been 6 months since ive been back in nottingham as well, goodness knows how ive not managed not to go into a supermarket before now but hey, and on sat when iam going to pig out i will get one of tescos cream sponge thingys with the jam init, when i used to live in chelmsford i used to get 1 for me and the exgirlfirend to share, but if she was working a late shift and i got the sponge cake thingy before she got home she hardly never got any cos i gobbeld it all before she came home,

and by the way iam feeling much better now as well think the cold is starting to go so by saturady ill be all okay

i best get some more work done, so you all stay safe out there

not good

got a cold now, just asi was feeling better from having the sodding flu and now this, i was feeling worse for wear last eve at work so i went home a little early to have a soak in a hot bath and a early nite and this morning i dont feel as bad
gotta go now but stay save out there as there’s nutters and crap drivers about


As you can tell by these pics autum is upon us, i like autum i do as the colours of the tress and so on,


should of posted this on monday but i’d tryed but never got chance

what a horrible day it is, its even tryed to rain once or twice while i was walking to work, had yet another lazy weekend which involved a good drinking session on friday nite was only ment to have a quick pint then home for 11pm, i got to the pub for 10pm was a good crowd in got chatting and 1 pint turned into i think 5 or 6 pints was a good nite i left the pub at 2 in the morning and felt rough as hell the next morning as well

wiped out

since the weekend ive felt tired and not sleeping well at all, but today i feel like iam back to normalish i had a good nights sleep last nite 1st since saturday night and i now feel like doing stuff again, i think iam a bit tired as all the extra gym stuff ive been doing and being busy at work, but hey oh least iam now feeling human again tho

on the way home last nite the bus had to take a detour as part of ilkeson road was blocked off near the gegorey pub, aparently there was a chap running around with a gun whats the place coming to hey your safe nowhere these days

anyway stay safe outhere as there’s mad folk around