feeling better and thank fuck for use of a car

iam now back to my old self, still a little bit of snot to deal with but i can handle that no probs, been in chelmsford for a few days seeing old friends and so on, i was all up for using the train and bus to get down but my dad offered to let me use his car so the 30quid it would of cost me to get down i used in petrol and did a bit mor traveling around while i was down there,

anyway i gets to chelmsford and go to the pub where my friend works and while i was having a beer, people were coming in saying the trains are not running and have not since arbout 9am that morning and wasnt goting to get moving again till the next day, so no trains coming into chelmsford at all, all i did was smile at myself as having my dads car just think what a pain in the arse it would of been and all the extra time it would of taken having to rethink of how to get to chelmsford by bus i wouldnt of been in the pub i wouldnt probly get a pint till a lot later that eve

i was in the pub for half 1 had had a nice chilled out afternoon and eve having a few beers and a chat to 1 or 2 of the regulars in the pub and chatting about how crap public transport is, just think i could of been kinda stranded in london, pissed off and costing me even more money having to resume my journey by coach then trying to get a refund for my ticket

and the goverment wants people to use public transport more hey, this dont give me any incling to use public transport, even the last time i used the train to go to skeggy for the day me and my mates wanted to use the half 5 train but that was canceled the next train was another hour away at half 6, just think if we had a connecting train which we needed and there wasnt another train we would of been totaly buggerd,

sodding public transport keep with the car i say,

on a brighter note i did have a good time in chelmsford, i caught up with some friends who ive not seen for a while had a few beers, had a good curry and went to a pub which i used to go for a meal but it went very bad and it went that bad i even wrote a very arsey letter of complaint to the pub, they did reply and sent us some vouchers to come again but still was shit so we never went again, untill saturday which i must say was very good, but i allways say you need to go to a place for a meal twice to see if its realy good so next time iam in chelmsford ill try it again and lets hope its good

anyway iam off to have a kip ready myself for this eve’s nite out have a goodun what ever your doing 2nite and stay safe

a nice crimbo for a change

1st time for ages that ive had a nice smooth crimbo, as other crimbos ive either worked or been ill and 1 crimbo the other year i had a mad rush to rebuild my engin on my car cos the cambelt snaped on a suprise visit to my parents, and that was pain in the arse to get that ready in time to get back to chelmsford,

but anyway i did get ill before crimbo day this year but i was almost better by the 24th which i was happy about, i had my taste buds also so i could enjoy my crimbo dinner drink beer and eat other nice foods, ive also caught up on some telly watched 1 or 2 films so all is good,

as ive had a bit of a rest over the last couple of day now for the next few days will be busy, going to carsington water 2mora with a couple of mates which looks like it will be a laugh then friday iam off to chelmsford to see some old friends for a couple of days, which will envole a few drinks most probly a trip to southend if weather permits then back upto nottingham ready for new years eve, at my local with a couple of mate, new years day to recover then back to work on the 2nd

so what ever everyone is doing for the next few days have a goodun and see yeh in the new year and happy birthday barnze mate just think you’ll be older next year so make the most of your age this year lol

what a year

well what a year 2007 has been its had a lot of ups and downs over the next couple of days ill write my thoughts about 2007 anyway lets start with january

well jan was not very inportant, we were still dealing with bluddy bed bugs which had drove me and my ex both mad, as everytime when the chap came to spray out flat with bug spray we had to clean everything think we had the chap in 4 times not only did we have to clean the flat but wash curtains sleeping bags and everything realy took a real strain on us,

work was okay i was still working the night shift which i was getting a bit fed up which by the end of jan i would be on mornings which wasnt bad, and i was seeing a big inprovement on my fittness as well but that would all change by the end of march

2 more workdays

looks like iam coming down with yet anoher cold, just what i need as iam about to break up for crimbo and a busy weekend of working with my dad, but least 1 thing my hip aint hurting like a cunt, yesterday at work the only place i found i could sit without my hip hurting was with my leg up on my desk and when people came in to the office they thoght i was snoozing, when i mentioned about my hip they knew differnet but i did have a afternoon snooze tho so cant complane,

picked up my new bike yesterday not bad either front and back suspension which makes for a much smoother ride and 21 grars which makes cycling up hills a bit easyer and gives me more speed when iam cycling down the sods, at least security caught 2 lads the other night pinching bikes, they were 15 and 16 year olds coppers came and took them to the cop shop but ill not hold my breath that anything will be done apart from a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again,

with crimbo plans all set and sorted should be a mix of seeing friends and having some self time and catching up on some telly i think and some online gaming i think, but iam going to stop in this crimbo eve had a good bottle of red wine and watch the xfiles cant get much better than that hey

iam off stay safe out there and dont get crapped on hey

what a shitter

bluddy crapper my bike got pinched last nite at work couldnt believe it, my and my bike have done a few thousand miles together, over the years and the bluddy thing is as well i only just oiled and greased it and put new breaks and tryes on the thing as well at the weekend, so ive nearly spent a hundred quid on a new bike today which looks a nice bit of kit, front and back suspension 21 speed unlike my last bike was a 15speed got some new high power lights and also a new lock and iam going to pick it up 2mora onthe way to work,

wnet out for a few pints with people from work on friday night and had a good night, went to yates a bit of a shit hole i’d thoguht but a very nice pint had a few in there then went to long island then to flares, one thing ive noticed with this smoking ban is that now when you walk into some pubs you can smell peoples bo and they stink the stink can be so bad that it can make you feel sick, and to finish the night off me and a mate went for a good old curry and it wasnt bad either,

and also to top my mood ive come on the bus today and ive lost my bluddy all day bus ticket and had to walk from town and also found ive forgotten to pick up my switch card so i can draw any money out of the bank what a fucker hey

best get some work done stay safe as theres madduns about

13th already

well isnt this month going quick iam not yet in the crimbo mood i dont think i will be to be honest, but on the plus side ive almost done my crimbo shopping, just got to get my parents something and skytower something as well i know what to give skytower but its finding it will be the problem, had a look on the interweb but not realy anylook but to be honest ive not realy tryed yet so will have a prper look this eve when i get home,

looks like iam going to be busy with nights out over the next couple of weeks, but also ill have time to my self which is also going to be good like last nite i went to the dog and partrige for a pint which i enjoyed just a couple of pints by meself, but having a nite in 2nite but off out 2mora after work with a mate and some of his mates from work which will be intresting might go for a big wok as well

the cycling is going well and iam quite enjoying it but the only problem is in the daytime when iam going to work trying to cycle through town is a right pain, got busses blocking the roads and alsorts so its just as easy to get off and walk through town

anyway iam off got work to do and stay safe out there as there’s madduns about


what a bluddy cold day, but iam looking forward to my time off work this year, i finish work on the 21st and go back on the 2nd of jan, this year ill not have to rush around here there and everywhere also ill not have to work either like i had to this year not have to deal with bedbugs or any thing like that,

looks like iam over my cold and flu thingy unlike other crimbos when ive come down with cold or flu just a couple of days before crimbo day, so this year iam going to enjoy myself do what i like ans when, have a couple of days rest then on the 27th off seeing friends in chelmsford then back on the 31st for new years eve with my mates at the local which is just a few mins walk around the corner, not got to deal with getting taxis anywhere or paying silly prices to get into pubs or clubs in town or owt

and iam doing my crimbo shopping friday so i dont have to rush around at the last minuet like i normaly do, i have started to cycle to work to help my fittness and i was suprised in how quick i got to work yesterday as well just took me 30 mins and took me 40 to get back as it was mainly all up hill, and i was more suprised how far i cycled up carlton road/hill, managed 3 quarters walked a little then cycled the rest so all in all quite happy

iam off do a couple of jobs ive been meaning to do for ages, stay safe as its mad out there

cold day`

went to sekggy on saturday not a bad day but realy windy and cold had a couple of beers and some fish and chips so cant grunble but what i can grumble at is we wanted to come home on the half 5 train but it was canceled always the fucking same when i go somewhere by public transport,

with the petrol prices going up like they are the train company’s could make a killing as i would love to use the train more, but at the prices they charge i’d rather just take my car, if i wanted to go to london by train in the morning at half 8 then come home at 7pm a day return could cost anything from 60-82 quid for just one person, you can get down for 32 quid but that only works if you go down like at 2pm in the after noon anc come back at some stupid time in the eve,

i dont even mind paying 40 quid return for a trip to london but that will never happen and thats why more and more people use ther cars,
anyway heres a pic of me on skeggy beach a bit gloomy hey but had a laugh

ladies not

on the bus to work today there were a group of girls sitting on the top deck of the bus at the front, couldnt been much older then 19 but how they were acting could of been 14 some of the things they were chatting about and at the top of there voices as well, one of the convosastions they had was about drinking beer and so on, they sounded like right old laddets rough as old nails, and there was only one nice looking one in the group and she seemed like she needed some manners as well lol,

then during the jouney to work this nice looking blonde came on, to look at her you think not bad wouldnt mind giving her one, but she was talkig on her phone not only did she sound think was was thick in general, and just not with it at all, i dont know

but the good news is ive sorted my computer out i did reinstall it last night and seems to be working fine now gave it a scan for virus’s and so on and iam happy with it, also i caught up with some episodes of xfiles and prison break while i was working on my pc so wasnt all bad

off to skeg 2mora which will be a good day out fish and chips on the seafront and a couple of pints to wash it down with

iam at work so best get some work done stay safe out there as there’s madduns about

day out or aout

well looks like me and a couple of mates are off out or aout depends on how yeh say it and we are off to could be sunny old skeg, and going on the train as well as its only 16quid return so can hav a jolly good day out with a few beers as well,

in other news, iam still bored with things my mood hasnt changed but hope will do soon, think my pc is totaly wankered and might need a reinstall which iam not to pleased in having to do as ive got my pc just how i like it, but if i cant sort the problem out or aout ill have to do it, ill probly do it friday night and watch a couple of episodes of prison break or xfiles and have a nice bottle of red wine,

theres been a intresting story on the news at late about a bloke who’s been missing for 5 years and just suddenly turned up and can’t remember a thing during the last 5 years be intrestnig to see what happens hey,