since my car crash ive not had a car, iam not in any great rush to get 1 at the moment but will get a car end of march, anyway ive been using the bus a bit or the last month been using my bike a lot more but went to work on the bus today one thing that gets me is thses people who use there mobile phones to play music on,

there’s signs on the bus saying no loud music but one on seems to take any notice i use my ipod when iam on the bus but sometimes the music from these mobiles is that loud that i cant even hear my music,

and you darnt ask them to turn the music down as you might get either a gob full or even stabbed, so what do you do? fuck if i know but its getting worse and its not going to get any better, dont get me wrong its not every time you get music playing on the busses but i have noticed its getting more often,

i think these mobile makers should only make the phones play music if you attach headphones on, should be easyly done with the technolgy these days surely

anyway best get some work done stay safe as there are madduns about


was sitting in market square wasting 10 mins, and noticed these 2girls one had just dropped a plastic bottle and the bin was only a few yards away the other girl asked her if she was going to pick it up and she said no, then the sillyest stupidest thing happended next the 2 girls started to walk off and they passed the bin,

so what the point was dropping the bottle when they were walking past the bin anyway, think the girl was suffering from a form of stupidness

master chef

ive been watching masterchef goes large on bbc 2 and i do enjoy watching it, but i have wondered how some of the contestents get on as last week the cooking wasnt very good, think when i watched it wednesday in the 1st round 3 of the 6 cooks produced raw food i thoguht the people who come on to these kind of porgrams are kind of tested so how can they come on to master chef and cook raw food,

iam a good cook and always fanceyed running my own breakfast bar on a road side or somthing like that not only i could serve breakfast cobs i could do various pasta dishes and so on, i wouldnt mind going onto matser chef myself but only thing i would need more practice on is making sauces from scratch as thats my only down side, i can make basic sauces like mushroom and tomatoe and bbq sauces but thats about it,

one thing ive become good at doing since ive had a bread maker is making pizza, and i also enjoy making my own cobs and rolls as well much nicer not had much success in making bread but to be honest ive only used it for cobs and pizza at the moment, but the best thing about making my own pizza is the toppings the amount of wonderfull variations ive done is quite good and my favs are half and half toppings as if ive got a friend who dont like one of the toppings i can do him/her one half and put anyother kind of topping on the other half and they are so simple to do

maybe one day my cooking dream will come true one day

not much got done

the weekend was a bit of a washout hey, the walk in the derby dales was called of cos when i woke up it was lagging it down and i didnt fancey getting wet and also i had a bit of a hangover so i went back to sleep, but i did meet my mates who i was going on the walk with in town instead for something to eat i walked into town as i still felt a bit fussy from the night before and by time i was in town i felt okay and went to the flying dragon for a change from the big wok,

the flying dragon wasnt bad i didnt think the choice was as good as the big wok but the furnishings were better and had music playing in the back ground, the spare ribs were lovely was a bit dissapointed as there were no chicken balls which i love had a bit of seaweed and had 3 lots of this chocolate cake with various ice cream then a walk home so i didnt feel guilty of the 3 lots of chocolate cake,

also with it raining most of the weekend i managed to watch some of the remake of the battlestar galactica series as the mini series dvd came through the post which ment i could also watch the 1st season of the series and i must say it was very good, it kept me wanting more which i ended up watching 8 episodes in the end plus the mini series which was 2 hour long itself i think must of watched around 9 hours of telly yesterday all in all most ive watch all week i think,

so a nice end to the weekend, but be a different story this coming wekend as ill be working and again ive still not gained any weight which iam pleased about i made a target last week i wanted to cycle 50 miles and i beat that by 6 miles so iam happy but iam still setting the same target this week for 50 miles, a bit silly realy cos when i was 18 i used to cycle around 80ish miles a week and i dont think that was bad realy

stay safe out there as theres madduns abuot ta ta

thank goodness its friday

well i did have a bit planned as in outings as ive not realy been anywhere as such for a while and ready for a day out, the last one was in skegy in december and it was a bit windy but had a good laugh and a few beers, i was going to have a walk in the derby dales but with the weather looks like it will not happen,

but ive still got a couple of things i can do, might have a trip to newark and have a pub lunch or go and watch that will smith film iam legend which looks quiet good, or i might be a couch potaoe and watch a few films ive got stacked up and might even watch the new battlestar gallatic series, but i know one thing ill do sat is have a bike ride to southwell and cycle through a couple of villages, but all depends on the weather

this has been a bit of a strange week my sleeping pattern has been a bit fucked, as lately ive been sleeping quite sound, and ive had a return of strange dreams again hopefuly my sleeping pattern will return to normal soon, as the last 2 morning ive slept threough till 11am and normaly been up aroun half 8, and for the 4th week running ive not gained any weight but iam not losing any either but to say ive not been to the gym much these last 2 weeks iam quiet happy ive not gained any weight as ive been going to the pub a bit more than i do rather than my normaly 2 nights its been 4-5 nights a week ive not been drinking loads but ive got do cut that down,

ive cooked some nice meals this week, one of my best was the stirfry i did bluddy lovely, then wednesday i did chicken which was free range did a nice mushroom sauce with leeks and courgets and a mash potaoe top, and think ill meet a mate 2mora and eat out but not sure what to have tho might have a italian meal for a change,

anyway got to get some work done so stay safe as theres madduns about

yet another mastrerpiece

got the wok out today and produced this wonder it had peppers the leftover pork from yesterdays roast also it had egg noodles and bambooshoots and blackbean sauce all done in 10 mins not bad hey


iam so looking forward to a pint tonight afterwork, dont know why iam so ready as ive not had a busy day as such so at 10pm will be supping a nice pint of bitter not sure where yet and i will have a few just hope it dont snow or hail like it did last nite as got totaly soaked, even the hailstones got that bad one got me in the eye and that stung

righty iam off to kick some students out of rooms so i can lock up, stay safe as theres maduns about

mc fucking donald’s

this lunch time i got talked into going to mcdonald’s wished i fucking hadnt, it was fucking horrible had a big mac and fries 1st question big mac my arse should be called a tiny mac the burger or what reselmbled a burger had no taste, and who ever made the fucker needs slapping with a fish or somthing cos the ingredents ie lettuice and onions needed putting back into the burger bun as it was a right old mess,

the fries when i got them they gave us a packet of salt, if you need any more salt on those fries you need your head checking out, they were to fucking salty as they were, the only best thing i could say about the meal was the drink of coke i had nice, people who eat mcdonalds on a regular basis must either have no taste or just like crap food cos thats all it is realy, for whati payed for 2 of those so called meals i know i could make a much nicer buger with fries with my cooking skills there is no contest realy

aso 10mins after esting the crap burger and fries i could feel myself wanting the loo, if the food repeats that quick there must be something wrong,

old times and piss ups

Was chatting to skytower last ngiht about going out for a beer, we have had some good old piss ups over the years i can tell you but one which is still clear in my mind is we me and skytower went to devon for the week with our chat room friends and on the saturday when we got there for some it was a drinking marathon these pics ive posted will show for themselfs how bad some of us got lol

the amout of beer we drank during the week in devon but think almost half was drunk on the 1st saturday we got to devon lol

Aj after quite a few beers lol

aj passed out on the patio and some friends doing something to him

a passed out aj he didnt last very long realy poor chap

this pic is of skytower himself after 14 hours of drinking at half 4 in the morning we did start at around 1pm sat afternoon and it was half 4 sunday morning, and he did try and hug a tree ill say no more

2007 what a year

i was going to write a review of 2007 month by month but to be honest i cant be arsed as to much went on, so iam going to write what happened in 2007 in one post, last nite i went to my local which was a good night had some drink and food and woke up this morning feeling quite fine, no hangover or anything which i was pleased about iam back to work 2mora it seems like ages since ive been at work as ive alsmot had 2 weeks off,

this crimbo went very smooth no problems or car needed to be fixed or anything i wasnt ill all over crimbo either so all good there, i was thinking in the pub last nite what a bitch 2007 has been so here what happend

Jan Feb and March

Saw my stress levels going sky high also begun the sleepness nights, we had beaten the sodding beg bugs which seemed to go on for ever, went on holiday but didnt help much to change how i felt about life and everyday things and also started to think about ending my relationship with my now ex girlfriend, and by the end of march it had happened, i was getting on realy well with my fittness as in going to the gym at least 4 times a week and cycling almost everywhere,

April May June

I was still suffering with stress and sleepness nights till end of may, i decied to move back to nottingham and i gave my notice in at my job at the hospital in chelmsford, by the end of may i had moved back upto nottingham and within a week of me moving back to nottingham i was sleeping okay for the 1st time in ages stress levels went back to normal and my blood presure was back to normal, i had a month off work to chill out and by june i was working at nottingham uni as a porter, which iam still doing now,

July August September

i did have a few camping trips planned but with the shit weather we had it put a dampner on that, not much realy happend in july as i was settling into my job at the uni and just plodding along, but i did manage to get all my little jobs on my car done including chaning the wheel bearing and sorting the rust out on my rear arches which i must say i did a very good job on,

In August i went to Cornwall for a camping trip with a mate, and on the way down i had a car crash on the m5 motorway, near cheltnham which saw the end of my lovely mondeo the damage was that bad the insurance company wrote the car off, i was gutted as i spent a lot of time getting the car just right as i mentioned earlyer in july i got the car just perfect, i think my dad was more upset about the car then i was in a way i was lucky that i changed my insurance to fully comp a month before as i would of been a bit buggered if i hadnt,

we still carryed on with the hoiliday but was in a lot of pain as we both hurt our ribs and could hardly move with the pain it took another 2 months for my ribs to properly heal, as the weather was so good we had most of our meals in the camp site cooked by ourselfs, couldnt realy beat it realy as we had a good sea view from our tent every morning had a full english breakfast looking at the sea, the campsite had a clubhouse which we used most nights and despite our hardest we just couldnt seem to get drunk we did find out from one of the secuity guys that the beer was very watered down, probly was a good thing realy that we didnt get drunk as we wouldnt of got up as early as we did have one layin tho as that moring we were waiting for the hire car to turn up,

nothing realy happened in september apart from dealing with the insurance guff from the car crash in august and even now it still hasnt come to a close realy ah and also september saw me writing a very snotty letter to british gas and virgin fucking media bunch of fuck cunt twonks

October November December

i was still dealing with my car insurance claim and still am i think iam going to write a realy shitty letter to my insurance company telling them what a bunch of shit cunts they are, anyway october till middle of november saw me going throught a bit of downer winter was upon us and just felt down no get up and go in me at all and iwas drinking way to much again hadnt done any exercise at all since march and all the weight i lost i put all back on, so the start of november i joined carlton furum gym which i was a little surprised when i had my fitness test i found i hadnt lost all my fittness even tho i put all my weight back on i still needed a bit of work on my cardio to get back to the times i was ie running and rowing and so on as i was in mach but by december i was almost there and i’d lost half a stone in about 6 weeks,

i also started to cycle again which i was enjoying and again suprised in how i coped with cycling up the hills in nottingham, as they are much higher and longer than in chelmsford to be honest there wasnt hardly any hills in chelmsford iam probly going to atempt a 10 mile cycle this weekend as ive not done one since march,

december saw me suffer with a cold which i got rid off quite quickly but then i had a bad knee which lasted a week then a bad hip so again i didnt get chance to go to the gym much but i did manage to keep my weight down, even tho i went out a bit to the pub and december saw me eat out quite a bit, but the trick was i didnt eat much else before or after so i manage my weight quite well, then christmas week i got another cold which turned into full blown flu that was horrible but by the 24th it had all gone just about,

crimbo went nice and smooth i broke up from work on the 21st and cameback today which for the 1st time in ages ive had a crimbo which i didnt have to worry about money or pleasing everybody else i just did what i wanted, i spent a few days in chelmsford seeing friends and having a relaxing beer or 2 and it also involved a good curry and me making a home made pizza which ive not done again since i lived in chelmsford

so all in all 2007 ended on a kinda a goodun ah almost for got to say 2007 nearly ended on a downer as my bike which i had since i was 14 got pinched at work during december but i got over that quickly enough

so i hope you lot had a okayish 2007 and 2008 is just as good or if you had a 2007 like mine hope its better

so my hopes and wishes for 2008? only one thing realy i want to write about is my fitness would like to lose a stone and a half before summer, i know i can do but in the past ive let it all go but this time round iam know iam going to do it as ive put to much work into my fitness so far to let it completly go and everything else lets just see what happens, as 2008 cant be any worse than 2007 lets hope anyway