smeg head

this is my fav word at the moment i called a few people today a smeghead even my boss but he just burst out laughhing and i found out he was a red dwarf fan, but hey ive had a right old smeg of a day thats why iam pissed right now and this post has taken me twice as long to write cos ive been making so many smeging spelling mistakes,

well i woke up in a right old mood this morning or shall i say yesterday morning wednesday moring, i overlayed big time i wasnt late for work as i work 2-10 but i had a few things to do but i just layed i was in my bed listening to the radio and though oh fuck i should of been up 3 hours ago as ive got loads of computer work to sort i got up felt smegging crap even a cuppa tea didnt wake me up

iam storming around the house i was hungry but didnt know what to have to eat by time i knew what i wanted i just had time for a omlet with blue stilton and onion and fryed spam, ill tell you about my spam advantures later made my packed lunch and went to work still in a shitty mood,

people kept asking me if i was okay as i dont normaly show my bad moods but today i just was a bad ass, ive had a bit to deal with today at work as they have been a couple of conferences to deal with and the people involved have been indian students, dont get me wrong they are normaly okay, but today they have been a pain in the smegging arse

when i asked them to leave a room so i can lock the building they wouldnt move so a couple of cross words and security to boot there smegging arsed out i locked up the builing, why oh why couldnt the just of moved when i i asked then there wouldnt of been any trouble but being indian students they can be smeg heads things were dealt with and even left work late but all sorted in the end

i think iam of to bed as iam drunk and tied so dont let the smeg heads get you down just twonk them


had a good weekend on thursday nite i went to my local pub and found out they were having a do, but the chap who normaly dose the djing has been barred and a couple of chaps were trying to workout how to use the dj decks as i knew a little about it i showed them what was what but they couldnt make any sence out of it so i was asked if i could dj sat night

well i didnt know what to say at 1st as iam normaly do the lights when ive worked in a nightclub with skytower and he showed me a little about djing but not enough for a whole night and by myself, well after a few more drinks i said yeh why not cant be that hard can it, so comes sat night the local was putting on a show so not only was i doing the music for the show i had to play normal music as well i did okay but i had 30 mins to work out which person was going to dance and sing to which song it all worked out and everything went okay,

i did stop sober till about midnight then i went for it as it was my birthday as well sunday, but i celebrated it on saturday, lets say by half 3 sunday morning i was more than happy but i woke up sunday morning with a terrible hangover and sat nite was a bit patchy to say the least,

i met up with a mate for sunday dinner well with my hangover that was a battle in its self when i was walking around i was fine but whenever i sat down i felt rough as hell, i hadrly eat any food but did manage some fudge cake and ice cream and i didnt feel better till half 9 last nite so i must of had a few sat night

arseholes and titwanks

this week has seen me in 2 difficult situations, 1st was on monday afternoon cycling to work i was going down carlton road heading to porchester rd traffic lights all of a sudden this car driver pulled out on me if it wasnt for my quick reaction i would of been over his bonet, he didnt say sorry or anything, i caught him up at the porchester rd traffic lights as they had turned to red, so heres me with my leg extented out and i kicked the cunts passenger side wing mirror off and shouted cunt,

he got out and shouted what the fuck was that for i said for pulling out on me and nearly killing me a few words was exchanged and he said he would come and fucking smack me, i said fine come and get me, by this time the lights had went to green and red again twice, and was on red again so i called him a cunt and raced off lucy for me there was a little twitchel just after the traffic lights which the car couldnt get down so i raced down that and it took me down bottom of carlton road near trent taxi firm, by this time, the driver has no idea where i was and i was happy that i pissed the driver off and made him have to pay out for a new wing mirror,

Tuesday night saw me in another difficult situation i was cycling home from work up carlton road, i was cycling past the smithys pub and just opisit there is a side road i was cycling past this side road all of a sudden this car pulls across the main road and into this side road, 1st he had no indicators on 2nd he missed judged the corner so bad he aproached the road on the wrong side of the road he almost hit me,

in my anger i souhted how about some indicators i saw his car come to a full stop he started shouting back after a few words he started to get out of his car along with 3 other big indian blokes i though oh fuck iam in trouble and just as they were coming towards me 4 cop cars came past lucky for my the 4th cop car stoped and asked what was happening i told the copper my side of the story and the indian guy told him his side of the story, the copper did a check onthe guy and found he had no insurance or licence either,

so now the driver is being processed by the cops and should be sorted out soon, realy if the indian driver had just carryed on driving he might have never had any trouble with me or the cops for the time being anyway, in this day and age you never know what trouble you can get into as some cunt is being stupid or just dont give a fuck, is it worth standing up for yourself at all as someone could just as easy hurt you,

yesterday i was on the bus and again kids were playing up but again do you tell them to behave or just let them carry on being arseholes as if you do say owt to said kids playing up you could find yourself in a difficult situation, today iam on my bike so far ive had no problems hope it stays that way

quite time

had myself a nice quiet weekend for once, did sod all on saturday hada bit of a sort out at home and binned loads of old paper work caught up on a few films and ive amost watched the 1st seaason of the xfiles now i have seen them before but its good to watch them again and all in order as i only watched them upto season 4 then bbc kepted messing about when it showed the series and by then you realy had to watch it to keep wiht the story and as the box sets are now quite cheap iamm buying them come on season 2, also ive been watching the new remake of battlestar gallactica which is very good i must say iam half way through season 2 on that and only been watching it for a month,

also watched ashes to ashes it was okay but think ill need to watch a few more episodes to deffo make my mind up if i like it or not, gene hunt and the rest of team were good but not sure about the woman alex she seems a bit enoying but she might get better as the series goes on

yesterday saw me go on a bit of a bike ride was only going to go to colwick park but found a couple of paths which i decied to explore, and saw myself cycling along a disused rail line for a while the ground was quite rough as well, I went through a few deep puddles and muddy bogs, and made it a change from riding on normal roads and it helped having a bike with front and back suspension as there was a lot of pot holes and bumps to get over,

best get some work done so be safe out there as theres madduns about


this morning i was watching the news and all it involved was either killings bombings or how crap the weather is, ah and not for getting our crap goverment, the news is boring iam fed up with hearing how crap mr borwn and his cranks are fucking up our country or who the latest victim has been bombed to bits,

i want to hear some other news which is intresting who gives a fuck about amy winehouse or brintney bluddy spears going nutts, i think chuck them both in the nut house for ever and chuck away the key how do normal people cope with stress or personal problems we dont make arses of ourself hey

and for fuck sakes i know its a little sad when one of our soldiers is killed but its there fucking job, if they didnt go to war who would protect us or other helpless people hey every time one of them dies or gets injured it seems like someone is trying to put the blame on someone else

anyway iam done moaning about the news for the time being iam going for a cuppa to calm down have a goodun and stay safe

cant be arsed

so called for a quiet weekend, friday night i got a call from my dad while coming home from work asking me if i wanted to help him at work on saturday and like always i said yep, it was a easy days work but working 13 days in a row i was ready for a lazy day but sunday i was meeting a couple of work mates from the uni for a walk

we did 8 miles walked from beeley and round chatworth house did the walk in 3 and a half hours which wasnt bad we also had a few breaks, i have took a couple of pic and will post them on here when i have a spare few mins, and now today iam totaly bolloxed think its been the late nights and getting up early which have all caught up with me so this saturday iam doing sod all sunday if the weather is nice be off walking again,

i was so tired this morning i didnt go to the gym or cycle to work as iam so tired but hopefuly go tomorrow, i have also found a liking to stilton and beetroot, so have made stilton and beetroot sandwiches today just had 1 and they do taste good as in the past ive never liked stilton or beetroot iam going to have a go at stilton on toast and see what thats like as my dad likes it

righty iam off stay safe and dont any of you get stabbed or shot