good weekend

i had a quiet weekend for a change friday nite after work i met skytower and little pete for a quick pint then went to skytowers place for the start of a drinking session, on the way to skytowers place we got 8 bottles of larger i’d brought a bottle of whisky which was very nice i must say,

as the night went on little pete went home and it was just me and skytower left and having quite a good nite, by 4am sat morning we had got through all the larger and the whole bottle of whisky i was a bit drunk but all in all okay i went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow as i was so tired, i work up sat morning with a bit of a tingly head but nothing to serious

i gets up to open the bedroom windows as it was so hot in the room and as soon as i did and the fresh air was coming through i all of a sudden my head started to spin felt rough as a dog and sweating like a cunt, and all i wanted to do was run to the bathroom and hug the loo

after a bit of loo hugging i went back to bed and slepted the hangover off and reworke up at nearly 4pm sat afternoon feeling quite good, and after a cuppa tea i was feeling good enough to get myself home which after a nice dinner i went to bed and slepted even more

sunday was a nice day so i was up at half 7 did a load of stuff sorted all my washing and ironing out, fixed my bike and made a modifcation to my rear bike rack which works much better now will post a pic of it soon, and went out for a beer sunday nite

so now iam ready for the working week and lets see what it brings good or bad iam ready

my dad

hello all hows blog land for you lot just thought i’d mention me dad what a great chap, he is nearly 60 brainy as fuck till it comes to programming the video machine can do all sorts of stuff you name it he can do it

one crimbo when i lived in chelmsford my cam belt snaped on my car, gave him a call he got me home, when we had a few quats to fix my car from other people he said bring me car home and he fixed it, was a lot of work involved, basicly a engin rebuild he did it crimbo week which was he worked outside in the freezing cold but he fixed my car and hardly cost fuck all

all in all a great chap we go out drinking quite a lot again now ive moved back home, we’re more like mates rather than farther and son, he took me out for my 1st pint when i was 14 years old as he didnt want me to get pissed on cheap cider with me mates on a field instead he introduced me to great beers and whiskey and by the age of 16 i was a regular at one of my locals

one of the storys i do want to tell is one camping trip to dovedale was a easter weekend, him and his mates all a lot older then me did a yearly camp out always at easter and always according to my dad a piss up, one year he took me i was 14 i think but that didnt matter as i knew all his mates and they took me as a equal

gets to the camp site pitch the tents up and the friday have a few beers, next morning after brekky me dad wanted a walk up a hill i said fine, packed a rucksack with a tin of soup bread tea and a few other bits and bobs and including a primer stove,

starts walking up one of the hills and it was lovely nice sun and walking up the hill we didnt think half way up the hill the path would be frozen, but to our luck it was, now i says what do we do my dad says we cant realy go back down? so the only way was up

but i mentioned how as the path is frozen my dad being my dad mentioned climbing up the hill face, i looked at hime horrified as iam not much of a hights perosn let alone of climbing a rock face with no ropes or and safty equipment

anyway after a bit of talking me round we starts to climb the rock face by this tme we were 1000ft up this sodding big hill, clibming on the rock face iam shaking like a leave, all my dad says is dont look down and what did i do ? i looks down

i freeze me dad below me using his head to nuge me up inch by nich, we do get up the hill in the end dont know how the fuck we did but we did, when we got to the top the ground was thick of snow amost to your knee caps, was amazing realy my dad was ready for a drink by now so we got the primer stove out and did some soup and bread,

the soup and bread was well needed i can tell yeh, thick snow everywhere and all i could think of how the fuck was we going to get back down, and with my dad being my dad he already knew that the walk down the other side would be much easyer and it was a nice 40 min stroll and was back down the hill and i did enjoy it in the end after being terrified of the climb up and everything else

i could go on and tell you more storys like the time we cooked breakfast on pinedine sands in wales and me getting lost in skeggy and my parents calling the sea and air services out for me but that will be another post in the near future

iam ready for bed so stay safe as theres madduns about


last week i went into natwest bank to see if i could change my bank account and other stuff from hsbc, and after a quick check they said all fine, the next bit was intresting

as the woman told me that my credit rating was good, so good that i was offered a 5000 quid limit on my credi card, 3000 quid overdraft on the current account plus if i wanted i could have a 25 thousand quid loan in my bank by tea time,

i was quite amazed but with me being me i said no thanks, just give me a small overdraft on my current account she kept asking me if i was sure and i said yep all the time, i can see how people get into trouble these days with banks chucking money like that at people,

as i myself have in the past got into tourble, but for the last couple of years been okay, i had a little bit of a balance to pay off my credit card but thats all taken care off now

just wonder what kind of a mortage they will offer me ill find out soon enough when i go in a couple of months time

yesterdays drinkies

well my plan of drinking halfs didnt quite work out, as my mate wouldnt let me have any halfs i didnt mind as such and to my suprise by half 4 we had drunk 8 pints and by 8pm i drank 8 pints 4 halfs and 4 double vodka’s with various mixers one pub which we went to even sold cans of iron bru so i had double vodka and iron bru nice that was as well, i even had a double vodka and vimto in another and the girl behind the bar looked at me very stangely but when she had a taste she was hooked

to finish the night off went to the big wok for a all you can eat nosh up i was so hungry i had 4 plate fulls of food then 3 puds got home had a soak in the bath then bed woke up this morning at 7am feeling quite fine a little tired and i do love working afternoons as if i did woke up feeling shit i could of slept off the hangover

so all in all a good day out seemed to avoided the nutters saw no one being stabbed or shot roll on the next bank holiday

off out to the pub

well as its bank holiday monday the weather is crap sod all on telly iam off to the pub for a all dayer which ive not done for ages, meeting a couple of mates at the local then off to town meet some more mates then doing the tram line pub crawl should be intresting to see how many pubs we can do,

iam playing tactics iam going to be drinking halfs for most the day pasing myself as ive cut my drinking right down in the past few weeks i know if i start on pints and by half 4 ill be pissed as a newt, yes you can call me a light weiht but i want to last till at least 8pm 2nite

so iam off for a shower and ill be in the pub for 11:30am,

have a good day what ever your doing and stay safe as theres a lot of madduns out there

fucking bank holiday

yup its bank holiday time again the roads are chocker block with cars, people going out to shops and diy places cos they have sod all better to do pointless going more than a mile down the road as your deffo going to be in a traffic jam,

me onthe other hand is working at my proper job at the university this weekend and also with me working over the bank holiday i get a day off to take when i want it which is good, but on the way to work i had to pop into b & q as my dad wanted a couple of bits and bobs so i agrees to go in on my way to work

What a pain in the arse just getting your car parked in the carpark was a mission in its self you need eyes everywhere and in a way you need more then a 6th sence as people just seem to forget about normal driving rules when driving in a car park i was wanting to get out of the car park i was wanting to turn right and this chap had his left indicator on so i go and start to turn right but as iam doing so this chap who is supposingly turning left just carrys on dont even seems to see me its only that ive quickly put my gear into reverse and moving backwards very quickly and using my middle finger at him he suddenly realizes what he is doing

he said sorry and continued with my journey but all this dangerous driving who needs it and iam on about getting a new car is it worth it

its beena while

yes its been a while since ive last posted not realy been arsed to be honest or had much time, what have i been upto not much realy been on holiday which was just what i needed and just been busy working 7days a week for the last few weeks

so the f1 season has started yet again and it should be a good season very competitve as a lot of the teams have now made some changes on there cars so should be intresting to see how the teams like williams bmw and red bull and honda do this year we know who will be the front runners again hey mclaren and ferrari and iam already getting fed up with hearing about bluddy lewis hamilton, i know he’s british and a good driver but when the comatators and so on talk about f1 all they seem to talk more about is lewis bluddy hamilton oh well probly something we’ll have to get used to, just hope jenson button gets his act together and starts winning races

and another thing which is getting on my nervous is bluddy heather mills now shes got payed off hope the cow just goes into hiding, as ive never liked her she looks deranged or somthing cos she dont look normal hey

reading barnze’s blog and he’s menitioned about the mcCanns i think somthing big will come out very soon as the cops dont seem to know much, and the parents are in the wrong that they shouldnt have left the kid be herself and go out for a meal makes no difference the resturant was only a short distance she shouldnt been left on her own,

iam not sure if they had owt to do with the kids dissapearence or anything but something is fishy about the case as a whole

stay save you lot as its a mad world out there