this week ive got in touch with a old school friend through facebook, and he is about the only mate ive not seen siince leaving school, we were quite good mates at the time as well iam meeting him and his wife and 2 kids tomorrow for a bit of lunch and have a catch up

it will be good as there are so many memorys and good times also there are a lot of bad times as well i will post some of my memorys of my school days on here starting with the dawn house riot

my school was a special needs school i had speech and language and learning problems but the school help me with these and now iam almost okay i do still have a bit of a speech problem but not as bad asi was when i was a kid its hardly noticeable now but comes on when iam nervous or when iam trying to speak quicker than i can think

also my school was a boarding school as kids came from all over the counrty and it helped most of us that we could stop all week and come home friday for the weekend and come monday morning back to school for the week, in the evenings we had what we called house parents look after us even tho we had seperate unit block one block for the youner kids and one unit block for the older kids the house parents kept treating us like yound kids

at this time i was being bullyed big time i was telling the teachers about it but nothing was happening, and when i tryed to fight back i could take on 1 of the other kids but when his mate saw me kicking seven bells of shit out of his mate he came to help out and i ended up worse off

well it was getting to fever pitch everyone was uptight with each other and kids picking on each other and was’nt a very nice situation it was a monday morning and i wasnt wanting to go to school cos of the bullying but my mum talked me round to go to school, but by monday evening i was calling home to get picked up as it was to much so my dad came to pick me up and took me home

during the week i had off i was taught the basics of karate and judo came in very handy when i got back to school the following week, so i gets back to school the following monday in class i was hearing whispers of certain older kids baracading themselfs in the senior unit block for almost a week in protest of how the houseparents kept treatng them like kids and not teenagers and i was wanting to know more

so comes 1st break time we were on the field i was chatting to my mates asking what had happened , they told me about 30 kids had gathered enough food for a week and baracaded themselfs in the unit block, while we were chatting what had happened the ring leaders of the bullies came over to me and asked me where i was last week during the riots i told them to mind there own business,

but they wanted a fight once again so a big circle formed around us and they not knowing i could fight better now decieded to show me what for, the 1st kid i blocked his punched time after time and he had a look of pusslement on him, his mate jumped on my back and i chucked him over my back with him supprised and dazed i managed to smack the other kid a few times and by now both ringleaders had enough and ran away i had a few cheers and claps from my mates and it was all over

strange realy as since that fight they was never any more bullying not while i was there and i was kind of top dog, and for the 2 ring leaders i did get round to giving them a good pasting a few times before they left a year later

can tell you loads more about my school days but you’ll have to wait for future posts for more

weight update

i joined a gym last november and the 1st 3 months i was doing realy well lost over half a stone in 2 months, but since then ive not done much apart from go twice a week to the gym, my weight for the last 4 months hasnt realy changed, ive not lost any or gained any and my weight fluxuation has been about 3 lbs a week which according to one of the gym trainers is about right so iam in a way quite happy but would of been by now more to my ideal weight but least ive not put all my weight back on like i did last time,

this last month ive started going to the gym again 4 times a week, and reached a new milestone yesterday when i ran for a full 15mins i was well inpressed with meself and notice the last 2 weeks ive been losing 3lbs a week so if i can keep at that ill be on the way quite quickly to getting to my ideal weight which is 13 and a half stone so just a stone and a half to lose

iam also joining a sunday morning running club as well and my 1st session will be next sunday, which iam quite looking forward to as ill be running with other people who can push each other my 1st aim is to get to run a mile in under 5 mins like i used to when i was 14 years of age

so far so good

well it didnt rain yesterday got all i wanted done now today i can do my other jobs which are maily on the pc and ill get some game play don on gta 4 which iam quite hooked on at the moment, and for this eve ill watch a few films and have some supper 2mora is going to the big wok its well worth a fiver to eat as much as you want

and last nites eurovision contest well what can you say we were crap again, but at least the wogan master made it worth a laugh right iam off to play gta 4 and what ever have a goodun

silly moo

was cycling to work earlyer and when i got to town center i walked through as the traffic is so busy and was at the traffic lights waiting for the lights to turn red and a woman next to me said these lights are taking there time to change to red arnt they, i looked at her then noticed she haddnt pressed the button for the lights to turn red, so i mentioned it might be a good thing to press the button just next to you and she just looked at me a little red, so she did and the lights did turn to red and we both crossed she was still a bit red faced
looks like the weekend is going to be a washout with the rain and all but iam not to bothered as i had a good weekend last weekend so iam just going to have a quiet one this weekend, got a bit of computer work to catch upon and and some telly to watch and there most probly be a trip to the pub over the weekend at some time and also will try and get a roof rack sorted out for me car and also a hand free phone kit sorted as well
have a good and safe weeknd iam off to kick a few students in

nice weekend

all went well this weekend got to whitby and back without and problems had a nice rest a few beers and lots of food, friday saw me getting to the campsite for half 2 and by half 3 i was all set up and having a cuppa tea and a cob, then had a walk along the cliff top to scarbrough which was quite a few miles, had a few beers got chatting to a couple of the locals then caught the bus back to near my campsite which i had a 30 min walk when the bus droped me off, then cooked supper which was chicken cassarole rice and new spuds
sat morning walked into whitby after a full english breakfast which again i cooked myself had a good old walk round whitby sat on a bench watching a couple of people fishing and was getting a little hungry so i went to magpies chippy and got a fish and mushy peas and that was the only meal over the whole weekend i didnt cook, after a bit more walking round i went back to the campsite listened to the footy while geting the bbq started
then the evening saw me having a walk along the cliff top and by these next pics you can probly guess what i did after a hours walk on the cliff top
can of cider
a bench facing a lovely view
me sitting down dinking said can of cider and enjoying the view

so all in all a very nice chilled out weekend i dont think i would go to the same campsite again as it was a bit basic okay for a nite or 2 but any longer no thanks, and the campsites so called clubhouse wasnt showing any sport what so ever with the fa cup final you’d have thoguht they have it on,

anyway iam off to watch the idiot box for a while so stay safe out ther as theres a lot of maduns and its a full moon

off and away

well iam all packed and ready to go on my 1st camping weekend of the year just hope the weather stays fine, quite looking forward to this trip be good for a rest have a few beers and recharge my batteries as its been a busy 6 months,

just hope i dont have any dramas like last time i went camping as that was a eventfull trip will write about the last camping trip when i get back

have a good weekend all and stay safe


i went to wilkos this morning to get a few bits for my camping trip this weekend and i had a fullish basket with 10 lose gas cylinders, gets to the checkout and the woman could see i had no bag or anything and the silly moo asks me do i want a bag

erm me here thinking how else would i carry the items to me car, so i says yes i do want a bag so she gave me only 1 that was used for my gas cylinders, she tryed to scan the 1st gas cylinder through the till no luck then had a go at the second one, again no go she muttered someting and asked for someone to read her the barcode number on the cylinder she even had trouble keying that in , then i had a bog bag and 2 chuck away bbqs she looked at me i looked back at her and she finaly said do you want another bag so again i said yep i do she grunted and gave me one

for fucks sake what a moody cow and the service could of been much beeter i think, maybe she could of been on her period or someting you never know but she was a moody cow

iam off to bed as i feel crap as hell as iam coming down with the flu iam off the rest of the week so hopefuly ill be better for friday ready for my trip to whitby

have a goodun and stay safe

yup its been a while

Yeh i know its been a while but ive been a bit busy either working or going out for day trips and so on, my new car is okay clutch seems fine now and not noticed any other problems with the car but there is still an other months warranty on so iam driving around quite a bit till then so if owt dose happen it should by then,

in other news my insurance claim from my car crash is still not sorted out so iam going to be writing a letter telling them whati think of them and they will be a few chosen words i can tell you,

hasnt it been nice weather been on my bike quite a bit lately going to colwick park wollaton park and just generaly exploring been on a couple of walks to the dales and iam off camping next weekend to whitby which iam very much looking forward just hope its as nice weather wise next weekend as it is now

just got over my man flu as some female friend so bluntly called it but i was feeling worse for wear and this morning at half 4 i woke up and had to change my pillows as they were wet through so iam going out in half an hour for a few beers sit in the beer garden and enjoy what sun is left

ah yeh well done to nottingham forest for getting automatic promotion lastweekend so now get yeh arses into gear and gain promotion next season to the prem ship well you never know it could happen

any way iam off for a S,S,S so stay safe out there and have a goodun, and here are a couple of pics ive taken from my cam on my phone quite good pics to say they have only come forma phones cam

This was taken from my office window someone had chucked a load of food for them and it was a feeding frenzy

These are a couple of ducks at work along with the geese and swans think they own the place this was taken at work the other day

This Pic is of wollaton park i think or it could be colwick park on one of my bike rides

this pic was taken near matlock while doing a 10 mile walk with some mates if your wondering what the sheep are on its a bail of hey


hello all i know its been a while since ive posted but been busy and not arsed but just a quicky while iam in the mood i will post a full update of whats been happening in farmer daves world 2mora with some pics ive been taking here and there

iam watching the boxing on itv and ive not watched any boxing on telly for ages but this on itv is a bit crap as at the end of each round theres a quick 1 comercial on whats the point show all the boxing then put a half hour comercial on then think it would be much better and it will be good to watch f1 racing on bbc as well next season

and while iam writing this post another round has finshed and that stupid halifax comercial has just come on fucking sodding things they are, that fucking arsey howard and the rest of his bunch need blasting into space aiming for the sun and if i dont hear another one of there songs ill not be sorry

ta ta for now iam goin to bed as iam all bunged up and me head feels like its going to explode