the local pub

have been driving round nottingham the last couple of days and suprised how many pubs are either boarded up or have to let signs on, one question ill ask now is WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR LOCAL PUBS????

well one answer is well the cost of living these days as its going up and up and our wages arnt we cant spent on luxarys like we once could, also the cost of a pint i could once go out about 10pm every night for a couple of pints iam now lucky if i can go out 3 times a week and if your a couple the cost is even more,

last monday i was waiting in town for my bus so went into the turf taven as ive not been in for ages and wondered what it’s like these days its changed into a rock pub nothing fancey, i asked for a pint to tetleys smooth and what came out of the pump wasnt a smooth pint at all but a very wishy washy pint so i asked him if he could pull another pint off and he did and the same thing happened a very watery wishy washy pint

i asked if i could have a pint of cider instead he said yeh still the same price as the bitter which was 3 quid, quite expensive i’d thoguht and got my cider sat down and a bloke and his bird came in and asked for 2 pints, and that was 6 quid so 4 pints comes to 24 quid a expsenive nite out hey

think now people dont come out as much is cos of peoples drinking habbits have changed women used to drink mainly halfs or beer or something of the like, now its a pint of beer or a large glass of wine that can in some pubs be a quite expesnive round these days

so if a couple have 4 drinks at 20 quid and if that couple once went out more than once or twice a week that 20 quid can turn into 60 or 80 quid a week on justbeer and most peiople cant afford that these days on beer,

its a shame to see the local boozer goign down the pan i went out for a couple of pints the other sunday with me dad and and he was amazed that a couple of pubs he went in have been boarded up or shut early as no one came into the pub, and if there is a local its been bolloxed by being turned into a resturant

just like the bell in town thats been a bit bolloxed they have done a goodish job of doing the pub up but you can now eat in every room of the pub, as in the good old days of the bell you could go in to the side rooms have a quite pint read of the paper or a chinwag with yeh mates now you’ll have people eating round you, i dont know maybe iam being old fashioned and not changing with the times of the moden age or something

the local pub will soon be a thing of the past andyes some local pubs are a bit rough but its a bit of carater ive seen 2 local pubs bolloxed by going all modern and new and the toby jug is being took over by weatherspoons and they have got the co-op next to it so that will be one big boozer may be a good thing justhave to see

not getting into trouble

think its time for some old childhood memoreys, when i was a kid i had a best mate called ben, he lived in bulwell but when he was aroond 14 he went to a normal mainstreem comp school, well when he went to a normal comp school he started to get in a little bit of trouble not bad but was enough,

at our age of a mere 14 years old we got a bit adventurous one of the things we did were go try and get into old and empty buildings we started by chucking stones at windows and the like but i knew this was wrong and didnt do this as much as my mate was, as kids you stop at each others houses and he invited me to stop at his for the purpos to come back to said building at night time and break in and just cause a bit of trouble,

with me being me i said i had other things to do and went home, i did so and the next morning i went to see if i could come round his mum said he’d been grounded cos him and another mate got caught breaking into a building last nite the both got a caution and a good telling off by his parents, and i avoded getting into trouble like this quite a bit,

quite lucky realy that i was never in trouble with the cops graduly me and my mate lost touch but i did bump into him a few years later when i was about 20, and he hadnt done much with his life he was on the drugs and ive not seen him since, i do hope he is okay as we were good mates think ill have to use facebook to track him down

weekend, dickhead 1, new bike, and dickheads and meeting up

afternoon all what a nice day its been, its took me ages today to get me arse into gear and been like this for the last week and a bit, this cant be arsed mood passes soon

had a bit of a busy weekend off even tho ive had a whole weekend off 1st time for ages, gotten me car washed and polished and looks quite nice now,

got me jobs all done which have all piled up, one of the things ive been doing is putting my new bike through its pases and iam quite inpressed can cycle up more of the hills which i couldnt do on the old bike so quite happy

caught up on a bit of telly watched 2 weeks worth of stuff ive taped on the idiot box but sat nite telly is horrible and dont think its going to get any better soon,

thursday i was in tesco and i was trying to find some packet milkshake as is a lot cheaper and tastes just as good as some of the stuff you buy for over a quid and while i was looking for the milkshake stuff some chap asked me do i work here, looked at him and i said no i dont but think that person dose over there dose, he then said to me dont need to be rude,

fuck me i was only pointing out that an acual tesco person would help him better well next time ill not bother even talking to a person who asks me something in a supermarket

also sat nite i met up with a girl ive been chattin to on facebook, and went quite well had a nice nite and she was normal and not a freak from the another planet like the last girl i met from the net

as the last time i met a girl from the net she ended up being a stalker and took a girl from the local pub to ring her and pretend to be my girlfriend and once the girl from the local let rip she soon stopped txting me, i might write a indepth post about that sometime soon, but this girl i met from facebook was very nice and we got on okay i think had a good chat and hope we can meet again,

i took the bus to work today as i couldnt be arsed to cycle and had to pop into town and do a couple of things, bus was coming upto the traffic lights the green lights came on for the traffic to carry on with there journey, but the idiot public still wanted to cross the road with a big fuck off bus driving on the same bit of road,

mr bus driver gave the idiot public an hoot of his horn most cleared the road and stoped at the side of the road but 2 silly cunts still had to give the finger and what the fuck look, just a note to the idiot general public when your red man is on fucking stop at the side of the road untill your green man comes on then there will be no need for a mad rush to the other side or the road

right iam off as ive got some work to do, and stay safe

new bike

these last couple of days ive been looking at buying a new bike as the one i got last year is not realy good enough now as iam much fitter and its not very strong enough, also it has front and back suspension and i just cant get used to the back suspension as when i go on slightly rougher ground i am bouncing all over the shop

so yesterday i went into halfords well you can forget them cos the bike i would like they start at nearly 300 quid, and walking around there bikes and they were offering insurance so if your bike breaks down they will fix it for free and even if you get a puncher they will fix that free if you take out there insurance, all well and good but if you get a puncher and your miles away from a halfords store how the crap are you going to get the bike to the shop hey?

i think sod the insurance learn to fix and mantain your own bike like i have done, on my bike i carry a spare inner tube so if i get a puncher on the road i can just quickly replace the tube then worry about patching the broken tube when i get home, i also carry a spare cable for my breaks and gears so i can fix my bike on the road, you don’t need to carry many tools at all and if you break down miles away from home you can fix it there and then ans carry on with your journey

i have however found a bike for £180 and it should of cost £250 from my local bike shop, and its the bike i want as well its got 21 speed pump gears rather then your normal twist grip gears and its a all round trek bike so i am going down in a bit and pay a deposit on the bike,
and hopefully pick it up in a couple of days

women the route of all evil

what can i say about women the felmale breed, they can make you feel great the next crapo as hell as if you ever watchedthe telly show bottom woment are the route of all evil was richy and eddies fav saying and it can be true in all case’s

ive been thinking of late that i wishi was a vulcan from startrek vulcans are supposed to have no feelings or emotions i whis i was one of those vulcans would make life so much esyer, i know ive had a few to many beers and vodkas and dandilion and burdocks but what he hell its saturday nite and ive worked nearly 70 hours this week i deserve a drink or many inthis case

but to fuck with the female breed all they cause is hurt and pain to the man in this world, i think ill be single now for the rest of me life fuck the female race who needs them when you have a left or right hand and a good imanganiation

fuck it all its not woth the hasssle well not at the moment anyway, nite all and stay safe


one of the things ive noticed about myself this week that my man boobs are almost gone, and my belly is getting quite toned up as well and my neck seems to be less flabby, so just think if i keep this up and by the time of marathon day ill look quite a bit differnet, and to prove it to myself ill put a pic of when i was quite overweight to what ill be in spetember

and ive still not worked out how to use me new watch but give me time i will, anyway ive to go get some work done as iam at work, so stay safe out there,

school crimbo show 1988 i think

well here is a pic of me and my old school mates from 1988 and one of our crimbo shows which were normaly quite good, i had a broken arm that crimbo as well iam 1st peraon top left, and if you hadnt guessed it was a robin hood play

cheeky bugger

friday driving home i heard a flapping noise in my engin and got it home but couldnt see much as it was almost dark, so sat morning me and my dad had a look and thoght it was the cam belt was about to snap as it was hanging on by a thread,

so as it was still under warranty i took it nervously back to the garage, and managed to get it there without the belt snapping as ive had a cam belt snap onme once before now, so the chap had a look at it and mentioned it was the fan belt ah i said it under the warranty isnt it and the guy said yep leave it with us and we’ll sort it, and by tea time that same day i got a call saying they had fixed it

so tuesday morning i picked me car up, and just for some information i asked them when i come for my mot how much would a service cost the chap said to start with we charge 105 quid for labour for a service then it could be anything upto 250 quid, my mouth dropped open, i told him i normaly do the service meself on me other cars and said it might of been a change to let someone else do it, but at those prices ill carry on doing the work on this new car meself

i can get the parts including breaks for the service for around 70 quid and it’ll takeme a morning to do the work, but what cheek hey


as iam getting into my training for the robin hood marathon in september ive been wanting to buy one of those sport watches which counts the calories and distance i travel, ive looked in places like argos and the like and found the watches are quite expesive, but i had a idea to look on amazon and found the perfect watch it dose everything i want and more and at a reasonable price of 25 quid rather than the 60ish quid plus, so i ordered it and it came to my workplace today

on opening the box and looking at the watch for the 1st time i’d thought nice and for the 1st time i did have a look at the user guide which i never normaly do with things i buy, all iam going to say is its going to take some time to get me head round how the bluddy thing all works, ive only just found out how to set the time and date, and reading thurther on in the book it starts asking for my info like hight weight and so on, i’d thoght it would be a case of putting the watch on pressing a button to the callorie and distance thing and seeing how far ive done, but no not that simple

ah well its going to be a quiet afternoon at work so ill spend a bit of time getting used to me new watch and the thousands of functions it has, i wonder if it makes a cup of yorkshire tea,

have a goodun and stay safe

oh dear oh dear what have i done

someone give me a slap across the face as iam feeling a little bit sureal as ive just entered the 13.5 mile robin hood marathon in september yes this year,

ive now got a lot of training to do witch ive already kind of started doing iam doing some outdoor running ive had a go at running round colwick park and round the grounds of the university where i work, and looks like ive got a coach one of me mates wifes from the local pub as she has run quite a lot of marathons in the past so she will be good to get advise and train with her,

yes ive started outdoor running its either been at the moment very early morning or late eve when ive finished work as i dont want to show myself up with how unfit iam at the mo but i did suprise myself tho as i managed to run round half of colwick park before i wanted to passout or puke my guts up, but give it time ill be able to run round all of colwick park and even thurther, i have noticed running on the tread mill at the gym is totaly different than running on the grass or concreate path but ill get used to it and it will be a big challenge

as ive not done realy any fittness training at all realy since i was 18, but i joined a gym in november, and even from november ive noticed a bit of an inprovment in my fitness and now running 10 mins when i 1st started my gym thingy i couldnt realy do a fast 10 min walk without wanting to pass out or break out in a heavy sweat, but iam happy with my progress and with the help with my personal trainer me mates wife from the local pub ill be ready and fit in no time

have a goodun all and stay safe