bank holls

what a washout this year has been hardly any sun and when there has been some sun has been here its only lasted an instant its more like bluddy winter than summer, over the bank hols i didnt bother goign anywhere cos of the weather but monday i did go to blackpool to meet a friend,

while driving up i have my windows down and sunroof open and as soon as i near preston the sky blackend, and as soon as i found somewhere to park it totaly pissed it down so no fish and chips on the seafront but had just a good meal at this pub, talking of pubs while waiting for my friend i waited in a pub called the manchester what a dive looked like chavvy heaven all the rude boys in there caps andwhite tracky bottoms and there strappy tops showing what excuse of mussles they had and the girls were just as rough but had a good pint of carling i dont normaly drink larger but just fancyed a pint for a change and cheap at 1.70 a pint so couldnt grumble was just entertained at watchting the chavlings trying to act like hard men

friend came and had a little bit of a walk round blackpool, had something to eat at one of these pubs which do 2 for 1 meals and i must say it was very good, ive had 2 good pub meals in a row which is quite good for me as ive been let down at late with pub meals had 1 goodun when i went to chelmsford a few weeks ago, after the meal and a chat she drove me to wheer my car was and got a little lost trying to find my car but found it in the end

and iam not holding much hope for a indian summer either so not planning anydays out or weekends away ill just do it on spur of the moment, heard a couple of intresting storys in the news which ill write about later on in the week

iam off to do some work so stay safe out there as theres some madduns about

bit dead

well what a crap summer so far, most my weekend trips and days out have been put on hold as of this rubbish weather, but ive managed to get some of my computer work done which ivebeen putting off,

been busy downloading quite a few films watched that ironman film the other night and was quite inpressed, and it didnt have a stupid ending either and quite looking forward to watching the next film in the series iam going to dowload hellboy 2 soon but iam waiting a little while as when a film 1st comes to download its mainly done with a person holding a camcorder in the cinima which aint quite good, i dont mind waiting a couple of more weeks and get a better copy,

my training is going quite well been on a few long bike rides this week and i cycled 10 miles in 50 minuets and quite happy with that, iam sticking with my one takeaway a week but given more thoguht about my beer intake i have reduced how much i do drink in these last few weeks and iam drinking to the goverments safe drinking limits so iam not goign to bother packing the drinking up totaly,

i did go out the other friday night with some mates from work and i had 1 pint then went on soft drinks and had another pint at the end of the night and it was good seeing my mates getting drunk, and i didnt have beer goggles on and i must say some of the girls are beasty and getting worse, no wonder iam still single, anyway my local is having a do 2mora night so ill pop in and have a pint or 2 but not a takeaway as ive already had one this week and iam sticking to my 1 takeaway a week

iam off to do some work and stay safe out there as the nutters are still about


since ive been training for the robin hood challenge ive had a go at changing my diet a couple of times and now think ive got my diet kind of right, ive deffo got more energy and losing weight at the moment my daily eating pattern consists of, in the morning i either have a low fat thick milkshake or a mouse with fruit, have a proper dinner at lunchtime, then for my evening meal ill have some cerial with more fruit and if iam a little peckish at nite time i can have either more fruit or mouse

and i can still have one takeaway a week as well so all goods there, i’d thought about packing up drinking for a while and after much thought iam now going to have a couple of pints on a friday night after work i dont think that will hurt, i have noticed i can now fasten up all of the top buttons on my shirts once again and fit into some which have been thrown in a draw for ages

regarding my training i can now run 3 miles iam now also progressing with my free weights which i found much harder than machine weights, so by september i think ill be almost ready and my body a temple kind of anyway

also got some good news yesterday i have a job interview at the university where i work for a permament building attandents job, at the moment iam working at nottingham uni through an agency which is okay but i would like the job to be permament

so fingers crossed will be a good end to a rubbish start to the year if i get through the robin hood challenge and get a permament job

righty speaking of work iam at work and best get something done stay safe and dont get hurt out there

nothing much happening

the weekend seemed to go quick saturday i was working in a corner shop with me dad putting an alarm system in and all the be carefulls from me dad he his clipiing a cable over the counter where the till lotto maching and other gubbins are and he his his nail through a mains water pipe,

lucky for us the indian who owned the shop knew a plummer and he was out within 15 minuets to sort the problem out i can tell yeh it was a bit of panic for half an hour to work out where the main stop cock was but we found it and saved the day

that bit of a water leak could of cost us a small fourtune and we havnt got public lieabilty insurance but we have now, so if any more prolems arise the customer can claim from us no problem, but all the years my dad has been working he has never had any prolems and never needed insurance,

sat nite saw me go out and i got very drunk, and i was quite ill sunday morning in fact i was rough as hell all day, but ive lifed another day to tell the tale of my drunkenss, i was that bad i went to pee in the ladies loo

anyroad iam off home to sort some pics out ive been taking ill most probly post them up here on on my flickr page thingy