ready for a break

well what a busy start to the new student year, september seemd like only yesterday but its been 2months since the start of the year and wow how times wizzes past yeh, ive kept the cold bugs at bay and in two weeks time iam on me holls going to scarbrough with people i know from my local pub should be a good week as ive never been on a holiday with my local they have had a few trips but ive always timed being able to go just at the wrong time but this year ive managed to not have anyother holls planned near the pubs holls

iam on a kinda detox for 2 weeks as i know ill be putting some ale down me neck that week and eat a bit as well, as we’ll be in good old yorkshire they should be some good real ale pubs aruond so yorkshire folk be ready for us lot as we’ll drink yeh dry or at least have a good go at it anyway

what horrible weather we’ve been having again, the last 2 weekends ive not had chance to do much outdoor stuff at all and iam starting to get a bit pissed off with it all, i dont mind a bit of rain from time to time but its been constant i want to get me car ready for winter and finish a couple of little jobs on my car ive been putting off as well but all this rain you cant do sod all,

here is a pic taken last week of a great sunset when i was at work least this will make you think we have some sun, have a goodun and stay safe

formular 1

well at last we have a british sporting hero formular 1’s lewis hamilton has won this years F1 crown and it was good to see the F1 champion ship so tight all year round we have had 4 title contenders this year it would of been good to either see felipe massa or robert kubica to have won

its is the 1st time in about 8 or 9 years that the champion ship has not been decied halfway through the season as for 7 years amlost michale shumacker decided the champion ship way before the end of the F1 season, next year will be even more intresting fernando alonso could be back on form as he has finished well in the second half of this yeas season and even finished 1st a couple of times

theres going to be quite a few changes to formular 1 next year the bbc is goign to be airing the show instead of itv when i found out itv had been showing formular 1 for 11 years i was quite suprised, plus there are going to be quite a few changes to the cars not got my head round yet what changes they are going to be making but next year’s season is goign to be quite intresting i hope honda will be on form with jenson button they should be contending for podiums as they have now got ross braun on side i might even have a bet or 2

anyroad iam off to the horrible co-op as its the only thing near which resembles a shop