making the most of things

well ive been making the most out of my day outs so far this year went to the hills last weekend and sunday i went to the coast went to skeggy had fish and chips as well, it was a bit windy infact it was a gale force but we enjoyed it they will not be any days out for a while as i know ive got a lot on the next few weekends so not get chance to do much at all will be all work and no play for a while now

john ross has only been back in the hot seat for ony l one week and he has made the news some one aint happy cos he made a joke about someones gran or something, my god i wish people would stop being so bluddy touchy in a bit no one is going to be able to say owt about anything or one wish people would chill out a bit and have a laugh might be a bit of a happyer world

cos at the moment its a bit bleak to say the least with the annoucement of another 5000 jobs goign down the pan, banks keep fucking up all the time and people stabbbing each other and even killing each other what a world hey, read that a bloke got killed just for a bottle of wine which only cost 4 quid what a waste of a life hey

then you got the silly sods of the football land offering silly money to a football player who on earth is worth 100 million quid, if i was offered 1000 quid a week to play footy i would be happy only need to play for 4 years and would be minted for life

thats enough of me rambling on have a good rest of the week and stay safe

mr doner is a goner

yes the creator of the kebab sadly passed away at the weekend, and he was a turkish man mahmut ayglin, who lived in germany, he had a idea in march of 1971 when he used to work at a snack bar he served customers a dish that constisted of a mix or roasted lamb and spices traditionally eaten with rice and could be served differnetly ,

he thought how easier it would be if the customers could take there meal away with them so on 2nd march 1972 in his snack bar he became the 1st person to serve the meat in a pitta bread, and from there the name doner kebab it what it is today, he was such a culinary genius he even was credited with inviting the yoghurt sauce witch became the doners hallmark,

in the world there are many variations of the doner kebab some i like and some i dont like my lest favioute is when they give you a doner in a pitta bread i much more like my doner in a form of a nan bread, with doner meat lecuice cucumber with chilli sauce a few chips and plently of cheese all wraped up, not a better tasting sensation in the world i think

not a baddun

it seemed a long weekend this weekend, got loads done gave my bike a service as iam going to start to cycle to work again washed and polished my car and checked all the oil and break levels and all is in working order caught up on loads of telly and up to date with most the stuff i watch ive not been like this for ages, and went to a friends sat eve which consisted of a cheese and wine eve in front of the telly and watched those transporter films which were not bad

me and my friend both woke up sunday morning and went for a walk did around 10 miles went to baslow near chesterfield and couldnt of picked a nicer day i will put some pics up a bit later, couldnt believe how many other people were out and about the start of the walk was quite a bit of a hike up hill think it was about a mile up a quite a sharpe hill i was getting tired out halfway up and i thoght i was getting fitter then these moutain bikers wizzed passed us and me and my friend just looked at each other and laughed but we did the walk half way stoped for lunch which was a packup of roast beef and mustrard sandwiches and a hot flask of soup which was well needed by the time we was half way round the walk,

finsihed the walk and i ended up cooking her a nice sunday roast with home made yorkshire pudds and a home made apple and pear crumble with proper thick creamy custard, quite a nice end to a very good weekend,

hope you had a good weekend like i did

my head sometimes

ive been up and about this morning quite early for me 7am already been to the gym and had a swim and feel quite good, went out for a pint with my dad last night which i quite enjoyed but what makes me mad sometimes is that you get a group of people sitting at a table chatting away and they are sitting with there empty glasses not for just 10 mins but for a hour,

yes the pub was busy and hardly any where to sit and these 4 women were sitting at a table with no intention of buying no more beer so why not sod off home or something and let other people use the table and seats i dont know some people hey do make you think

ive been thinking its been thursday all week now it is thursday iam now thinking its wednesday whats all that about,

and iam realy looking forward to the weekend and a whole weekend off no work or anything

have a goodun and stay safe

ah more news i forgot to tell

today while driving to work i noticed that a co fecking op shop is to close, iam well pleased about that, co op’s are a waste of time staff are useless food is quite expesnive and only one person on the till when its busy as hell and lots of people on the tills when there are no one in,

i have heard there is goign to be a big asda being build in its place as there is a lot of land next to the co op and the co op is goign to to knocked down so alls good, now we need the rest of the co feckign op shops to close

have a goodun and stay safe as its just not england who have nuttters

bits and bobs

well half way through the thrid week of the new year and how is everyone going and are we keeping to our resloutions we made at the start of the year, mine is going okay ive already lost the weight i put on over crimbo and settling into my newish diet and seems to be working okay its been a little hard at times i had a craving last ngiht for a kebab but after half anhour of my belly rumbling like mad i wasnt hungry or even wanted a kebab,

iam working hard at the gym getting back to my cardio fittness times on the tread mill the cross trainer and other machines to which they were in november so iam quite happy, ive not had a beer since sunday nite but goign to have a pint either this evening or tomorrow evening nothing mad as i dont realy want another hangover like i did monday,

i have also been given a calorie counting book it tells you quite a bit about how much junk is in some foods, i was suprised to see that a pint of beer is better than a mars bar and also a pint of beer is better thana bag of crisps, a even bigger shocker was how fatty a maccy d’s meals are a quarter pounder with cheese medium fries and a medium milkshake is 1500 calories i dont realy go to maccy d’s so iam not to bortherd but still a shocker to see how much junk some foods are,

other news the 1st day out of the new year is planned for this weekend most likely iam off to dovedale for a walk on the hills there will be plently of pics taken as well not been to dovedale for a while i used to go quite often one thing i do like going to dovedale is stepping over the stepping stones to cross the stream climb the hill and watch people cross the stepping stones and nearly falling in to the stream, either cos they cant walk across the stones properly or that they have a dog on a lead and the dog goes nuts try’s to run off and drags the owner in the the stream, but hardly no one falls in tho times ive sat on top of the hill and watched hoped some silly sod would fall into the stream and no one has maybe this year i may get my wish

my head

ive cut the amount of beer i drink over the last few weeks, i now enjoy to go out twice a week just for a couple of pints which mainly consists of 3 no more than 4 and iam quite happy and when i am not out at the pub i enjoy a vodka and tonic only the 1 and thats my drinking these days,

last night i went out for a couple of pints to my local i was ready for a pint as i had a busy weekend working with my dad, so i had 3 pints of mixed which i enjoyed very much then i went over to the lathian club they do a nice polish beer quite strong but it dont taste stron if you know what i mean i think i had 3 or those and 3 or maybe 4 double whiskeys, i was not out my head drunk but i felt i had a drink or 2, i got a kebab and thoguht that would do the trick with making me feel okay this morning,

woke up this morning and i felt rough as hell its now 3:40pm monday afternoon and i am just feeling back to normal, and probly be more like 6pm before iam fully back to my oldself i dont know if its old age or what but these days if i have a good drink the eve before iam wiped out the rest of the next day i enjoy getting drunk every so often but think iam just going to stick to my new drinking routine as i am so much happyer with that the daft thing was i was not that drunk as to make a total arse of my self i had a normal convo with various people which i still remember what we talked about even in the kebab shop i rememberd what i said to the chaps there, even had my kebab without getting it everywhere else apart from my mouth

i dont think ill ever totaly stop drinking as my drinking level is within the goverments recomended levels and they would call me a responible drinker lol, and i enjoy goign to the pub for a pint not only for a beer but to see my friends, like ive mentioned i think ill just stick to my new drinking routine and see what happens

stay safe and sober as there are still some madduns out there