all going okay

ive been moving house the last couple of days and its going quite well, got all my flat pack furniture built the kitchen is in some kind of order but still need to get the rest of my kitchen stuff from my parents loft along with my cd’s and dvd and bits like that, done most my food shopping and made a curry which i enjoyed very much, now its just having the last bit of a sort out and clean up realy think by sunday ill be all sorted and what ever

think one of the jobs iam going to do over the weekend is going to reinstall my computer and get it linked up with my xbox will be so handy to watch films and tv shows from my pc on the big telly in the lounge, iam also going to install another harddrive just a little one so i can just use it for windows operating system as the drive ive got my operating system on now is in a way a bit wasted as its a 150 gig hard drive and i only use it for windows

so my new idea is that a 40 gig for my operating system then my 120 gig for progs and documents and the like, the 150 gig for music and my 500 gig for my films so thats going to keep me busy for a few hours at least,

i was reading in the metro today and i found a couple of intresting sotrys one was on about how working overtime is as bad as tobacco for dementia, well over the years ive worked a load of overtime so ill probly end up nutty as hell,

think its time to go and do some work and stay safe you lot as there are still a lot of madduns about

quite nice but busy

well what a couple of busy week again work is mad as hell  working 7 days a week for the last couple of weeks, but going to have a whole weekend off which will be nice will spend some time doing hardly sod all maybe apart from giving my car a good wash and polish as its realy dose need it looks like its been round rallying,

also iam in the middle of moving into my own place yup ive at long last getting my own place well iam renting a house but still its going to be my own place and i can unpack all my junk properly as since ive moved back upto nottingham ive been living with my parents again,

for the most its not been bad iam realy close to my parents and we get on very well, but ive got a mad sister who just wants to cause trouble and over the last 15 months she has just been getting worse and thursday just topped it so i thgouht its best if i move out now rather than  later

ive got a place 8 mins walk from my parents and 5 mins walk from my local boozer so cant grumble to much and got it for the right price a month as well so when i finish writing this post ill start the task of moving my stuff shouldnt take long once ive got all my flat packed furniture out the shed and built up

one thing is that i cant believe how much food has gone up, as living at home my mum has been doing a lot of the food shopping and ive not realy taken notice how much food has become, went to tescos on friday eve to get a couple of bits of food and spent 50 quid and thats not getting nothing like meat or fish that was just things like salt vinegar and stuf but hey oh least ill not have to buy stuff like that every week,

righty i best get a move on have a goodun and stay safe and heres another video to enjoy, it’s the sex pistols i did it my way

getting there

well aint it been a nice day today even had my sunroof open while ive been driving around, and ive noticed it is stopping lighter longer will be able to sit outside in the eve once again at work and enjoy the sun like i did last year couldnt beat it come 6pm going out the office with a cuppa sitting onthe bench and looking out at the lake come on summer i say

as its be birthday today think iam off for a game of snooker ths eve after work and before the comments which ive had a few already i know iam 33 but still got it where it counts

where has the time gone

well iam 33 tomorrow and the last couple of years have just been a blur times gone to quick was chatting to a friend from school yesterday and saying how long ago now when we were kids and messing about when i was 14 i never even thoguht about being 33 but here you go dave at 33

sod all happened at the weekend as was working with me dad but i did get my xbox online which iam happy with as playing call of duty online is ace, also what i did was buy a router so ive networded my pc and xbox together and now can watch films and so on which are on me pc on my big telly all done wirelessly and to say it worked on my 1st attempt i was quite chuffed

there will be a couple of nervous weeks ahead as the job iam doing at the university was only a temporay job its been advertiesd and now i can apply to be made perm along with anybody else who wants to apply, but also i have also applyed for a job at the mail room at the university so got 2 chances of a job just hope i get one of the jobs as i would hate to be out of


thoght i’d have a go at posting a video of deep purples fireball what a great song

a bit slow

not much has been happening of late weather has put to rest of any days out or anything over the last week or 2 and with working with my dad ive been a bit busy  but my mood is good and the sun is shining again this morning so going to have a cycle to work today as again with the weather ive not wanted to take the chance of being out on my bike and with idiot drivers about its just another risk of getting knocked off my bike

but i have fitted a cycle computer on my bike so now i can tell how fast iam cycling and going down carlton hill the other day i was going 35 mph and on a flat bit of road i was averaging 15 mph so not bad if say so  myselft

the weekend saw me doing sod all which i wanted realy saturday i had the day at the pub which ive not done a all dayer for ages it made a nice change was out at 1pm and got home for 11pm and out lasted me mate

this weekend is seeing me at work again so at the mo its kinda all work and no play but i dont mind as such as you cant do much in this cold weather so by spring summer ill have a bit of money to play with to go out and about and hopefuly my 1st camping trip might be easter weekend

right best get myself ready for work have a goodun and stay safe

having a go again at wordpress

after using blogger for some time now iam having a go at word press and seeing how i get on with it all, i have used wordpress in the past but never got on with it for some reason

but after time ive had a look around and wordpress seems okay its a bit more useable than blogger so iam having a go, you’ll see a couple of changes to my main page over the next couple of days or week as iam playing around with the layout and fonts and so on,

just for manic


in england it always make me laugh when we have a bit of snow it brings the country to a standstill but why, places like canada they have more snow than we could ever think about and they seem to plod along quite happy they go to work drive about even travel by train,

so why cant we do that, well cos our goverment is crap the high ways agencey has had loads of warnings about this so call snow and we have had plently of chance to perpair for this moent but like normal sod all has happened even the capitol of england has come to a stand still never seen that happen, i know on the way home this eve i couldnt drive over 10 mph as the roads were so bad and when i turned a corner i was fighting to keep controll of my car

and how its snowing now i think in the morning it will be very bad ah well i might get a day of work if iam luck here are a couple of pics ive taken today

This one is taken at the uinversiy where i work

Again another pic from the grounds at work

My car this morning at 9am

and another car pic ive not seen snow this thick for quite a few years