fitness and weight

In a way I’ve let myself down but on the other hand I am still happyish as over the last 18 months I’ve lost about a stone and a half, which I am quite happy with the results but sometimes its been 2 steps forward and 5 back, I’ve worked very hard till the end of feb to get my fitness up to a good standard,


but these last 2 months I’ve let the fitness side slip I’ve not really bothered to do any fitness or cycled much at all I can come up with excuses to why ive not bothered but to be totally honest its mainly been laziness on my part,


but one thing I’ve kept up on is my eating pattern I’ve not put any weight on as such till this last week, I’ve been really good with the whole eating thing, and if I’d kept my fitness up I could of lost another half a stone but I’ve not, and kept the same weight for the last month and half


this last week I’ve had off from work, I’ve not been very well so I’ve hardly done sod all apart from have a few days away which I’ve drank for England and eat for England and I’ve put some weight on not much just a couple of pounds but this last week I’ve eat all the wrong foods when I came back from my few days away on Tuesday I woke up on Wednesday and lazed on the sofa and pigged out big time,


anyway now I am determined again to get back into the fitness side of things if I can keep the fitness side up I should lose a bit more weight as my eating I’ve found easy to control which in all honesty I’d thought I find the hardest to and the fitness side easier as when I was younger I was always doing stuff to keep myself fit,


over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking of stopping the whole drinking beer thing, I have done it once before and lasted 8 months but I enjoy going out for a pint and seeing my friends at the local so I think I might just go out once a week, and see how that goes


anyway I can stop the drinking totally as I have dinners coming upto Nottingham sometime soon and I would be a bit of a waste if I didn’t have a beer with him


have a goodun and stay safe as there’s still madduns out there

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