getting back to it

since my last post ive been getting back into my fittness again ive cycled 3 times to work this week so far and my eating is back on course, and i have already lost 2lb of the 5lb ive put on so iam quite happy now its keeping the good work  up and as it is so nice out today iam going to have a bit of a cycle somewhere before work

4 Responses to “getting back to it”

  1. Bill Cook Says:

    I haven’t dropped in for a while, I hope that Word Press works okay for you, I’m not happy with a few of the features at Blogger myself but I’m sticking with it.

    I have to turn comments off at times because of the frigging morons but that is the way it goes, after three years of blogging I’ve experienced it all.

    This morning I posted about losing my new outboard motor and came close to losing my life. But it was a pretty nice day, beats the hell out of dying in a cold rain.

    I don’t have to fuss with weight, I just eat to live. I just don’t see the point in eating anymore than that.
    Take care.

  2. Bill Cook Says:

    Ah, noticed that my blog link in the first comment was to my first blog, I think this will fix it, sorry about that. Bill

  3. farmerdaves Says:

    hi bill nice to see you drop by will pop and have a read ive seem to be having probls posting comments on other peoples blogs at the moment, but i have been poping over to read on what you been upto the camping season is on in england now the weather is getting better and ill post some pics of the countryside in england in due time

  4. Bill Cook Says:

    Ah, The University Of Nottingham hey? Well I know nothing about it. My tracker showed where you are at is all.

    I’m ready for a camping trip myself, maybe next week, lots to do this week.

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