all good

been a couple of busy weeks again but its been nice to have a bank holiday weekend off and for 1st time in 18 months to be paid for having a bank holiday off as well

ive got loads done this weekend washed and polished me car caught up on some house work ive been not doing and done nearly 3 weeks worth of washing , iam all better now after getting this flu what a arse that was it wiped me out for 3 weeks but iam back to my old self now and full of energy again,

also this weekend ive pottered around in the garden i planted some parsnipsĀ  and another row of runner beans all the veg is now planted and growing at an alarming rate it looks quite good realy ive just got some strawberry plants to put in and that should be it for the veg as iam not doing to much but saying that i can exchange some of my veg for other veg at my local pub

i think today iam going to lounge around the house as its raining outside and you cant do much when its raining also i might pop into town and see if i can get a couple of books as ive read all mine ive not read as many books this year so farĀ  but ive got chance to catch up

as last year i read around 18 books which iam quite inpressed with 18 books in a year might not be that many for some people but to me its quite good as i only seem to get to read at work for 10 m ins here and there

anyway think its time for breakfast as iam getting a bit hungry have fun and stay safe