easter weekend

this easter weekend i’d thought ill have it off infact i took the hole week of and iam back to work nex monday, me and a mate ended up going away to berwick upon tweed its a coastal town near the scottish boarders

i have been before wih skytower that was in 2004 i think he will put me right if iam wron but the weekend away was what we both needed by the sounds of thngs and to make the weeend even better the weather was great the whole time we were there , the guest house we stopped in was dead in the centre of town and was nice and clean all good there,

the saturday we just had a little walk round to get our bearings and had a bit of a pub crawl and out of the 13 or so pubs in berwick we went in on our 1stafternoon we made the red lion and free trade our tempoary locals both did good beer and made us feel welcome from the start,

the red lion on the sunday night was very loud and gino from dexy’s midnight runners came on and the place erupted i was in the loo at the time but all i felt was  a shake and wondered what the heck but came back to the bar the whole pub was dancng along to gino some on stood on chairs some on tables to be honest if you could call it dancing it just seemed a big whole jump and banging on the bar and table session while gino was being played

but was a good night till some lads started a bit of a punch up and what made me laugh all the lanlord did was turn the music down and shouted take it outside lads and quite well done they did and those who want fighting carryed on drinking,

to end that night we went to berwicks night cluband all the lads from the red lion came into the nighclub but no trouble  seemedto have took place,  sunday day time saw us have a bit of a walk round berwick and took a drive to the boarder and into  little town just past the boarder which we enjoyed the sun had a very nice meal and a pint

monday we went to edinbrough all i can say what a big pace and we didnt get to see half of it, but saying that we did do a bit of walking took a few pics a headed back but iam pleased we took the train into edinbrough from berwick as if i’d drove to edinbrough my stress levels would be sky high as it was maddness the roads as they seemed to be through the middle of some major road works of somekind roads blocked off dirvision signs everywhere total madness

iam deffo going to berwick again maybe next easter who knows there will be pics of my weekend away coming shortly and ill leave you with this song as its now made a memory stick in my mind for a long time of the lads in the red lion in berwick making the pub shake


just got my car back from the garage as its had a mot and service done to it, it did fail its mot on the break pipe but thats been sorted and the car seems a lot better

now ive got to change the front and back breaks and change a break cylinder which ill do on friday morning, all the parts will cost me 40 pounds the garage was going to charge me another 180 quid for doing the job so ive saved a bit of money there doing the job myself

but i can grumble with the price of the mot sercive and fitting a front break pipe at the cost of 210 so iam going to use the garage a bit more often as he seems a quite honest chap and he knows i know a bit about cars so i know i wont be ripped off

come on friday be upto me arms in grease

formular 1

the new formular 1 season is 2 races into its new season and i say iam quite inpressed theres a few new changes including the biggest one the shape of the car, at 1st i wasnt to sure but now ive watched the 1st 2 races of the season iam hooked once again into formular 1 as for a while its gotten a little boring with either Mclaren and ferrari have dominated the headlines and races for such a long time and the other teams have lagged behind

but now with the new changes the teams are a lot closer and i think the number one spot will not be decied till much later in the season like it has been the last few years, this year ive been quite inpressed with the new brawn gp team they have won the 1st 2 races with jenson button at the helm and they didnt have any winter testing as such as the brawn team only been alive for a very short while, but ross brawn is a genius tho and i think the brawn team will be major players if now now maybe next season but looking how things are going with jenson button winning the 1st 2 races he might be a good bet for this years f1 crown who knows

also you have teams like toyota williams and bmw and even redbull who are going to make this season intresting as they seem to have a quite a good car so by mid season i think the formular one driver standings will be all over the shop as the teams progress,

and iam pleased iam not seeing lewis hamilton all over the headlines at the mo as i didnt realy like him i dont know what it is but theres something about him i just dont like, i’d rather have jenson button as a champ and i hope he wins at least 2 championships as he should of won atleast 1 by now but he hasnt always had the car but now who knows,

getting on

i cant believe how fast time is wizzing by at the moment ive been living in my new place for 6 weeks now and should of moved into my own place ages ago as its so much quieter i have no nagging or moaning can do stuff when and as i want

the garden is realy coming on now dug out the patio foundations the garden is nearly all level and flat had a skip delivered on sat morning and had a busy day filling that up but think the worse is over now

as it is easter this coming weekend ive decied to book the whole week off so thursday evening i finish work then i dont come back till the 20th of april, reason why ive done this is cos ive been made permanment at the university where i work, yup 18 months of working with the agencey i have at long last been made perm iam quite chuffed, so i start on the 20th of april as a permanment member of staff at nottingham university, i have some anual leave to take from the agencey so  iam going to have a couple of days away and chill out

i took my car for its mot this morning and it failed but not a biggy just need a new break pipe fitting and job done i also had a service onthe car and the chap at the garage mentioned that front and back breaks need changing and theres a leaking break cylinder needs changing so friday morning ill be changing the breaks the pipe and cylinder i was going to get the garage to do it but they were going to charge another 180 quid for the pleasure of doing the job so i thought as i can do the job meself ill get the parts for around 40 quid and do it myself and ill get the breaks blead as well,

and dinners get in touch about you coming up for a beer or 2


i was reading todays newspaper about a man who’s house wasbeing robbed he called the cops but the cops said they couldnt  come for quite a few hours so the bloke whos house was being robbed took matters into his own hands and held the robber till the coppers did come,

then only to be arrested himself under kipnapping another person, and he was  given a 12 months suspendend prision term and to do 200 comuinity sercice, cos the idiot laws said he was inthe wrong for holding another person or some crap,

so what are you suppose to do let some cunt rob your house and let the arse hole get away with robbery or if you decied to defend your house you could be at risk of being arrested yourself for causing harm or being accused of kidnap what do you do????

if i was ever in that situation i could put a baseball bat to said robbers knees bung him in the back of my car and dump him somewhere and get me mates to give me a ailby saying i was round there house having a beer

what a situation also to be in when you ring the coppers and to be told they cant help you you’d have a million thoguhts runnign through your mind of what do to, its alll a load of crap these days the law protects the robber more than the victim

if only i was prime minister, have a goodun and stay safe theres still nutters out there

job interview

at long last ive had a interview at nottingham university, i have been working as a building attandant through a agency for nearly 2 years now and the university have decied to make the jobs permament

its goign to be good if i get the job to me made permament as ill be settled at long last in a job which i mostly enjoy, and it’ll be a lot more money as well the job dose have it’s moments but dosent every job fingers crossed i get a yes i have got the job on either friday or monday

if i dont get the job i dont know what iam going to do as it’ll be a hard slug to get another job at the moment with this recession going on and i dont think the recession will end and time soon, i was reading about this chap who went through the hell of a thousand interviews before he got a job,

how demoralizing that would be having that many interview think ill be down hearted if i had 50 interview let alone 1000 think i i had 100 interviews without no joy ill deffo end up depressed, i know one thing tho what ever happens i know this time ill have to sign on the dole a thing ive never done before only if its for a short time as, now i have bills to pay and rent my money will soon dry up,

in the past ive only been out of work for a couple of weeks before ive found something but i think ill find it quite hard this time as there are so many other people out of work who do want work this job iam doing now the advert went out and over a 100 people have applyed iam not sure how many have a interview but i know its not many, and least there are 3 jobs going so i think ill have a fair chance of getting one

if i do find myself without a  job i dont even know what job i do want to get might go back into bar work as ive not done that for ages but do i want to deal with all the drunks and long hours just to make a normal wage as last time i did bar work i had to work some very strange shifts and hours to get something like a normal wage and i dont think i can do that again,

i dont know fingers crossed hey that ill be taken on perm basis and carry my job on ,

quite chuffed

hello iam back yup ive had a catch up on the blogs now i have a working computer again, over the last month ive been finding my pc running very slow think the problem was down to a worn out hard drive and motherboard,

so sunday eve i sat myself the task of installing a new motherboard and hard drive, ive never done anythign like this before so i wasnt sure if it would even work or not when i put the new bits in, not only did it all work fine its quiet and super quick, and even managed to get my other hard drives to work as well,

my computer was 6 year old so thoght it time to sort it out, now its sorted iam quite happy managed to have a sort out of my docs and pics and this week i think ill sort some play lists out

fingers crossed ill have no more problems, but saying that now i have my own place i dont have my parents hammering the crap out my computer

stay safe as theres still madduns out there